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Nic Hubbard

Offline tile provider being shut down

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Cachly uses MapQuest tiles when downloading offline maps, but we just got the word that they will be shutting this service down on July 11. They are moving to a paid model, but we still do not know the specifics of pricing for the kind of download numbers that Cachly will require.

What does this mean for users?
We will work with MapQuest to see if their new paid model will work for Cachly. If not, we will move to another Open Street Map tile provider, but we would no longer be able to provide satellite maps, only Open Street Maps. We will submit an update before July 11 to address this issue.
Will offline maps that I have downloaded continue to work?
Yes, offline maps that have already been downloaded will continue to work since they are local on your device.
Why not just download tiles from one of the other tile services that Cachly uses?
All other tiles providers that Cachly uses do not allow bulk downloading of their map tiles, it is against their terms of service. If we tried, we would be blocked from using those services.
Are there other options in the future?
Yes, Cachly will be coming out with Open Street vector offline maps very soon. This will allow users to download full countries and states for offline use in a very small file size. This will become the new standard for offline maps in Cachly since we will control the data and not a tile map provider.
If you have any questions reach on Twitter (@cachlyapp) or contact support through the app.

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