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question about Apple vs Android apps

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We have a basic/free geocaching.com membership.

On a free Android app I've been using for the past 5 years,  I get access to all geocaches and all details of all geocaches out in the field.

My son was recently gifted an old iPhone 5s, and I couldn't find any free geocaching apps.  So I bought Cachly for $5, thinking this would be an even better, paid app.  But when I went to load geocaches, I got some sort of warning that "Basic geocaching.com memberships can only access traditional caches, due to the website, not the app."  Then, when we were out in the woods, and tried to access the details of a cache, we got another warning to the effect, "Basic geocaching.com memberships can only access the details of 3 caches per day, due to the website, not the app."

Is this accurate?  I'm confused why free membership and free app works flawlessly on Android, but $5 app on iOS requires additional $30/yr website membership to function.  Does geocaching.com have different database limits for the two operating systems?

I had my phone next to his, and I can verify that Cachly only showed the traditional caches, whereas mine showed all of them. 

(To be clear, I'm not trying to start any sort of phone brand war, I just want to make sure I'm not missing any detail about Cachly that would make it more functional for my son).

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Were you using the c:geo app on Android? If so, that is not an official app and they circumvent the restrictions that official apps need to abide by. What you see in Cachly is what you'd see in the official geocaching app for caches. A basic membership is unfortunately very limited when it comes to the app - traditional caches only with a difficulty/terrain of 1.5/1.5 or lower. In addition, the absurd limit of detail on 3 caches per day as you ran into.You'd see the same thing with the official (and free) geocaching app on android or iphone. It's limited by Groundspeak/Geocaching and not Cachly. 

As for full access, you can continue to use Android/c:geo or get a premium membership which runs $30/year. c:geo breaks from time to time as it is tied to the web pages on the site and not the official API, so that app needs to constantly adjust as the geocaching site changes. 

Again - it's not Cachly creating these limits any of this but Groundspeak/Geocaching.  

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