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Caching in my area

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Hello:. I am brand new to geocaching.  How do I know whether Cachly is an app that is used specifically in my area?  I am concerned to purchase the app without knowing if there will be caches in my general area.  Thank you!

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First off, welcome to Geocaching and to the Cachly forums. 


Cachly is an iPhone application that would provide you a terrific experience when caching. What Cachly would display as available caches is the same as you would see when using the official Geocaching application.

I tried looking up your cache name on the site to see if you were a basic (free) or premium (paid) geocaching.com member but didn't find a match. The reason that is relevant is that the company that runs geocaching.com and provides the data that Cachly can show you, limits the caches based on the membership type (basic or premium).  If you are premium, you have nearly unlimited access to all caches. If you are basic, the official iPhone app and Cachly would limit you to seeing live only caches with a difficulty and terrain rating of 1.5 or less. There are work arounds to get around some of the geocaching.com limitations, but no need to go into that for now.

You can of see all the caches in your area (Maryland) by going to https://www.geocaching.com/map/default.aspx?lat=39.44371&lng=-77.54471&asq=QD0zOS40NDM3MSwtNzcuNTQ0NzEmb3JpZ2luPU1pZGRsZXRvd24sIE1hcnlsYW5kJm90PTMmZz0zMDk0NzkmcmFkaXVzPTEwbWk=#?ll=39.44468,-77.54322&z=11 . I'm not 100% sure if you'll see *all* caches or just the 1.5/1.5 Difficulty/Terrain caches if you are a basic member.  I can't recall if the map filters out the higher difficulty/terrain caches. If it doesn't, this link https://www.geocaching.com/play/search/@39.44371,-77.54471?origin=Middletown,+Maryland&ot=3&g=309479&t=1-1.5&d=1-1.5 might bring them up and click the Map these Geocaches button on the page to display in a map format.

This link would show you the caches with a Difficulty/Terrain (D/t) of 1.5/1.5 or less and have a few favorite points which means other cachers have frequently liked these - https://www.geocaching.com/play/search/@39.44371,-77.54471?origin=Middletown,+Maryland&ot=3&g=309479&t=1-1.5&d=1-1.5&fav=10&e=1

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Geocaching.com provides an official app and it's free. Cachly is a 3rd party application that costs $4.99 and for those of us that use it, we find it far superior to the free app.

In order to get the most from either application, you need to have the Premium subscription on geocaching.com and that costs $30/year. If you haven't purchased the premium membership you will be limited by what you do in either app because geocaching.com limits your visibility to caches.


Do you have the premium subscription yet? Have you found any caches yet? 

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