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Longitude changed from W to E

Keith G

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Problem seems to be with caches having longitude W 000o ...  e.g. GC5N20E


The displayed coords say E 000o, but should be W 000o. However, 'Navigate to Cache' displays cache in the correct location on the map.


If you then create a user waypoint with appropriate longitude, e.g. W 000o, it is immediately displayed as E, though again it shows correctly on the map. 


Next, if you edit the waypoint, and save without actually making any changes, then again display this waypoint, it now has moved many miles to the east (i.e. E000).  


There is no issue with W 001o

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Wow - that was a rapid response. Thank you.


It has certainly fixed the problem for the GC code I mentioned.  


However, I played a bit more and believe that the problem still exists, but in reverse. So if I create and save a user waypoint E 000 xx.xxx, it now changes it to W 000 xx.xxx, but displays in the correct position on the map (E 000). Similarly, if I edit and save without making changes, then the waypoint appears to move to W 000 on the map.


I believe I have also found another bug with waypoints, but I'll check some more and e-mail support.


Hope you get some sleep!

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