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  1. Keith G

    Longitude changed from W to E

    Yes, current beta - 1.1.4 (6)
  2. Keith G

    Saving offline maps

    Just retested to see if the large PQ issue had been resolved, and spotted something else. Created a new PQ with 1000 caches. With cache radius selected in settings, app still crashes. That's fine, as I know not to select the cache radius option. However, with cache radius deselected, I then selected 'save offline list and maps', and then 'maps only'. My first attempt, with 'only around cache radius' not selected, indicated 120,159 tiles and an estimated size of 1.8 GB. So I decided to select the option, to hopefully reduce the file size. Result was a significant increase (176,000 tiles - 2.64 GB). I cancelled both downloads. I suspected this was because of the relatively high density of caches, possibly resulting in any map tile being downloaded more than once. So I zoomed in and looked at a section with 60 caches, but this time saving visible caches only. Similar results (actually worse) : without around cache radius - 838 tiles, 12.6 MB with around cache radius - 6720 tiles, 100.8 MB I did download both, and the second download was much bigger. It isn't obvious if this is a bug, or a consequence of downloading a dense area. Maybe, a warning in the help section will suffice.
  3. Keith G

    Longitude changed from W to E

    Nic, I can confirm that this is now fixed. Thanks again.
  4. Keith G

    Question about Locking Map Rotation

    I was going to post a Feature Request, but realised this topic was exactly what I was looking for. I'm continuing to put Cachly through its paces, and am still very impressed. I too usually want the 'heading follow' mode, and it is a little irritating to have to repeatedly set this mode. It's a pity that you can't set a preferred mode, or even default to 'heading follow'. I'm also having some problems with pinching. If done carefully, then fine. However, if the map is moved just a fraction, then the little pointer reverts to white arrow at 1 o'clock (or 1:30 ). So quickly try and set back - then my finger keeps missing the arrow and selecting 'more' by mistake. Grrr. A thought regarding the iPad Air. If wifi-only, then no gps receiver. Could that be a factor?
  5. Keith G

    Map scale

    Forgive me if I've not spotted the obvious, but I don't see an indication of scale on the map. I know that the cache list shows distance to cache, but being able to estimate distance from the map would be a bonus, especially when zooming in and out.
  6. Keith G

    Large PQ causes Cachly to hang then crash

    Will do. I seldom create large PQs though I know that some cachers consider the current 1000 limit to be too low!
  7. PQ with 1000 caches (1.2 MB), when saved to offline PQ, increases to 9.9 MB. If the offline PQ is then selected, then it either loads OK, with the map appearing immediately, or it shows caches without the map, freezes for about fifteen seconds with screen unresponsive (though able to capture screen image - see below), then appears to crash before displaying the home screen. Cachly is still active in the background, and if selected, reloads the initial screen and displays nearest caches. Looking more closely at this, if settings - cache radius is disabled, then the PQ loads fine, irrespective of which map option is selected. If, however, settings - cache radius is enabled, then the problem occurs. I initially thought this was linked to using app on an iPad, but getting the same effect on iPhone. Image
  8. Keith G

    Longitude changed from W to E

    Wow - that was a rapid response. Thank you. It has certainly fixed the problem for the GC code I mentioned. However, I played a bit more and believe that the problem still exists, but in reverse. So if I create and save a user waypoint E 000 xx.xxx, it now changes it to W 000 xx.xxx, but displays in the correct position on the map (E 000). Similarly, if I edit and save without making changes, then the waypoint appears to move to W 000 on the map. I believe I have also found another bug with waypoints, but I'll check some more and e-mail support. Hope you get some sleep!
  9. Keith G

    Formatting of cache description

    Thank you for fixing this so quickly. Now looks fine.
  10. Keith G

    Longitude changed from W to E

    Problem seems to be with caches having longitude W 000o ... e.g. GC5N20E The displayed coords say E 000o, but should be W 000o. However, 'Navigate to Cache' displays cache in the correct location on the map. If you then create a user waypoint with appropriate longitude, e.g. W 000o, it is immediately displayed as E, though again it shows correctly on the map. Next, if you edit the waypoint, and save without actually making any changes, then again display this waypoint, it now has moved many miles to the east (i.e. E000). There is no issue with W 001o
  11. Keith G

    Formatting of cache description

    Looking at a multi (GC3HJ3D), which has several questions to answer, so screen formatting important. Cachly doesn't seem to format text correctly, comparing it with Geocaching.com's latest free app and L4C Lite. Maybe I've missed something in Cachly?