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Have a suggestion regarding the maps and lists, which came about as I was on a mission to avenge a previous DNF. It was then I noted that DNF's are not identified on the maps or lists as any type of icon or color change - the cache appeared as the usual green icon that denotes a cache I have not found. The work around was to scroll through my logs to locate the GC number and manually search for the cache and add it to an offline list. As you can imagine, one may find themselves in an area that they do not recall logging a DNF in the past, so I would like to suggest identifying these caches just as found caches are identified.

Would it be possible to add an icon to the map and list that denotes a cache you previously logged as a DNF?

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This is something that we are looking into doing, the major issue here is that the Groundspeak/geocaching.com API that Cachly users does not provide DNF data. So we will have to figure out a way to store this data on our own server, and it wouldn't be retroactive.

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