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  1. I did find a cache today - have both souvenirs. That said, the site still shows both were found on 12/31/17. Groundspeak's server must be having an issue.
  2. Nic, turns out this is NOT a Cachly issue, rather it was a Groundspeak server problem. To resolve I ended up deleting my log and then re-logging the cache via the website. Once I clicked on the "Found It" button geocaching.com auto-populated the log with a date of 1/1/18, rather than 12/31/17 - despite the fact is was 11 PM Eastern/8 PM Pacific. I changed the date on the new log prior to submitting and received the correct souvenir. Of course, that did not remove the 1/1/18 souvenir, so I simply found another cache today to have a 1/1/18 find to go along with the souvenir. Thanks for offering to look into this, though!
  3. I logged a cache earlier tonight at 10:30 PM Eastern Time to earn the Last Cache of 2017 souvenir, however Cachly logged showed as logged on 1/1/18 (thus I was awarded the 1/1/18 souvenir). My geocaching.com Timezone setting is correctly set as Eastern Time. I checked the cache log on geocaching.com, and sure enough it is showed I logged the cache on 1/1/18. I edited my log to show the correct date on the cache page at least, however that does not change the souvenir status. I am reluctant to run out and get a second one in an attempt to earn the 12/31/17 souvenir, as Cachly may also log that find as the incorrect date.
  4. Great thought about the iPad Air! Unfortunately, it is not a factor - it is cell-enabled and has a GPS receiver.
  5. Without fail on my iPhone 6s, but it does not occur on my iPad Air. Strange.
  6. I did indeed update to version 1.1 as soon as it became available. I find that pinching in/out a minute amount does not knock the map out of heading follow mode, however if I pinch in/out rapidly and around 40% of the screen diameter resets the setting. It would be awesome if the option to long press to "lock" the mode could be added (great suggestion)! I would think that providing the option will allow those who wish to utilize the function to do so, yet would be unobtrusive and would not interfere with those users who do not wish to "lock" the mode.
  7. Thanks very much for the reply, and that certainly does clear things up! Please allow me to elaborate on the quote you referenced. I prefer to navigate in the heading follow mode, and I was hoping the lock feature would allow me to set this as my default mode. the original (paid) Groundspeak app defaulted to this mode, and it is the only feature I miss from that Groundspeak app. Currently, once I click on "Navigate to Cache" the arrow head icon in the lower right screen is pointed in the 1 o'clock position, and appears as a white arrow outlined in green. From there I click once, at which time the arrow becomes solid green, remains in the 1 o'clock position, and zooms in on my current position, with a red line showing the navigation path (cache is not visible on screen until I approach it). I then click the arrow head a 3rd time, at which point it becomes a solid green arrow head with a green vertical line (forming an arrow), and is in the 12 o'clock position - the "heading follow" mode. Each time I pinch zoom in/out and/or change to a new cache, I have to go through this process to re-enable the "heading follow" mode. I did not see an option in settings to set the default navigation mode, which is the "missing" feature I was referring to. To illustrate, I have attached a labeled screen shot for reference. Thanks for inquiring and considering!
  8. I have recently updated to version 1.1. Thank you for the additional features and improvements! Cachly continues to prove it is the best geocaching app for iOS users, Could you please tell me how the new map rotation lock feature functions? I have activated the padlock icon on the map, yet there appears to be no changes/map options do not appeared locked. . The map continues to rotate, and the lock does not appear to impact the directional arrow icon selection...I prefer to double tap the arrow so the map follows me as I navigate, and was hoping the lock would restore this function, as this is only feature that I miss from the original geocaching app. Thank you!!
  9. Thanks very much for replying so quickly, and for looking into this feature!
  10. Hi! Have a suggestion regarding the maps and lists, which came about as I was on a mission to avenge a previous DNF. It was then I noted that DNF's are not identified on the maps or lists as any type of icon or color change - the cache appeared as the usual green icon that denotes a cache I have not found. The work around was to scroll through my logs to locate the GC number and manually search for the cache and add it to an offline list. As you can imagine, one may find themselves in an area that they do not recall logging a DNF in the past, so I would like to suggest identifying these caches just as found caches are identified. Would it be possible to add an icon to the map and list that denotes a cache you previously logged as a DNF?
  11. I used the Geocaching App until Groundspeak released their new app - then I found Cachly and I am never going back! Awesome about the Souvenirs - thank you! Completely understand about messaging, thanks for quick reply!
  12. I am new to Cachly, and it is outstanding! The are a couple of features I would like to request if they are not already planned (I Didn't see requested in previous topics I reviewed): the ability to view my souvenirs and also to send messages to other cachers. Thanks!
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