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I was intrigued by the PR for Cachly and decided to pay for it on the iOS App store.


After downloading and installing it I was asked for my Geocache password, which I did not have. As someone new to the "game' of geocaching, I did not have a password nor did I know the resources available. Since I did not have a password, the Cachly app. was useless for me.


Going to my rMBP, I searched for Geocaching, found geocaching.com, created an account and was thus able to go back to Cachly and use the app. that I had just purchased.


My Feature Request is for a button to take a new user to geochacing.com from the Cachly login window. Labeling a button "New to Geocaching? Get an account here" with a built-in link should be an easy task I would think.



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I very much agree with you about this. From the inception of Cachly we had a "Sign Up" button below the "Login" button, but when we submitted the app to Apple for inclusion in the App Store they rejected the app over and over for having a link to an external sign-up (since geocaching.com isn't something we are affiliated with). We tried various fixes for the issue, including just some instruction text, but each time we got rejected. We were in app review for a month because of this issue.


In the end we had to remove that option in order to get the app approved, and are now again working on a solution to the problem that Apple will be happy with. We VERY much want to get that button back, but at the end of the day, Apple controls the app store. :(


Thanks for your input on this. We really appreciate it!

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