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    Signing in to Cachly

    I was intrigued by the PR for Cachly and decided to pay for it on the iOS App store. After downloading and installing it I was asked for my Geocache password, which I did not have. As someone new to the "game' of geocaching, I did not have a password nor did I know the resources available. Since I did not have a password, the Cachly app. was useless for me. Going to my rMBP, I searched for Geocaching, found geocaching.com, created an account and was thus able to go back to Cachly and use the app. that I had just purchased. My Feature Request is for a button to take a new user to geochacing.com from the Cachly login window. Labeling a button "New to Geocaching? Get an account here" with a built-in link should be an easy task I would think. Thanks.