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Optimization for iPad, option to switch off gps and to set GPS accuracy, multi-user support.


Hi there. 


I would like to share 3 suggestions:


1) I think that it would be really nice if you optimized Cachly for iPad as well! For example iPad Mini Cellular is great device for geocaching due to great battery life, so optimization could be very useful. 


2) I would also like to see the option to switch off gps inside the app and to set gps accuracy (totally manual or based on distance to geocache). From time to time I just wanna read something about caches etc. therefore I really do not need GPS to drain battery of my iDevice. 


3) Also multi-user support would be nice...



Thanks anyway for great work and the latest update!





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All of these are great suggestions!


- iPad version has been on our list from the beginning, and I hope we can start working on that soon.

- GPS/Location Services can be turned off and Cachly still used. But, yes, like you mentioned having a control in Cachly to do this would be nice. Will get this added.

- Multi-user support has been requested by others, so we will look at adding this in a future version.


Thanks for the great suggestions, keep them coming!

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