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Bulk import GPX files?


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Is there a way to bulk import GPX files?

I have 23 PQs I've downloaded as zip files (because of the bug importing PQs which causes them to hang).

I've tried importing from within Cachly, and Sharing from Files, but those methods only import one / the first file.


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Quicker way. In 8.0 you can download the .zip right into Cachly using the API. Go to Settings > Imports & Pocket Queries, scroll to the bottom and turn off the full data option. Then you can go back to the PQ screen and download them all quickly. Next you can update those offline lists to full cache data if required. 

Hope this helps.

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OK, that mostly worked thanks.

  • the pocket queries didn't get a tick beside them, so I had to manually track which ones I'd downloaded.
  • there's more than 16,000 caches so I couldn't update them all… how can I continue the update in 24 hours?  I tried a few filters like Date Last Updated, No Logs, and No Waypoints*

*Looks like a bug in 8.0.2:  with a filter of Has Waypoints = no, Cachly shows caches from all lists, rather than just the one I'm currently in.  'Showing 101,945 of 16,639'

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