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iCloud backup




do you plan to make possible to backup Cachly (app setting, filters templates, log templates etc.) to backup to iCloud? (alternatively, if other users don't want it, the option to enable/disable the function via a toggle switch)

I mean, when I change my phone / tablet or I need to delete the app and then install again, all settings will be automatically downloaded from the iCloud backup and the app will be set up as before. I've been missing this for a long time and have to copy all text templates, filter templates, etc. between devices. For example the offline lists I downloaded and backed up according to the help page (but those are more or less irrelevant to me), but the templates and other settings I still have to do over again....


It's really annoying.

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the ability to choose what to back up / sync:

  • all settings
  • offline lists
  • templates
  • filtering templates
  • ....

but mainly I'm concerned about the overall backup and synchronization between devices.

For example, yesterday I had to uninstall Cachly, I downloaded Offline Lists as a backup, but I forgot about Cachly.sqlite and apart from Offline Lists, I had to set up everything from scratch, even though I have everything on my iPad, which now had a family member with and is about 600 km away from me for about 2-3 weeks, so I re-created all the templates from scratch based on the old logs for the caches that I found in the past. And also the alert settings for approaching a cache....

Actually, both backing up to iCloud and syncing would be best.

The fact, as i've red here on forum, that some users don't want synch between devides and so on, it I think is no reason to deprive others of that option.

Simply give the choice: Do you want or don't want backup/sync. (as a togle)

I don't understand why should we do it again and again manually.


I appreciate your work and the app itself is just a dream come true for me as a geocachers.

The official app may just be embarrassed because it should look like Cachly, but this really, really bothers me.

I'll gladly pay extra for it, even though I bought the app and the premium maps as well.

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