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Refreshing the maps zooms out


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When we're caching in a specific area, I might zoom into a town, then refresh the map. The map automatically zooms out to include a much wider zone, then the refresh is incomplete anyway, and needs more presses and 'rezooms' to get what I want on the screen..... can this behaviour be changed? I've scoured through settings in search of something.....

What I'd like is for the map to never change zoom automatically like that, just refresh for the area I've selected. 

On a related note.... tapping the arrow/pointer icon centres the map on me - great.... but.... I'd prefer it just be instantaneous, the flying over half the globe can be monotonous, and could an option to auto-refresh once there be added. I never want Cachly to show me where I am, but don't show me the caches... :)


Thanks for an excellent app BTW, we've been using it for years, and love it. 

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