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Easier access to opted-out user logs



Hi, I understand the reality of "opted-out user" logs from the Cachly perspective. However, from the cacher perspective, it can be helpful to see the content of these logs. 

I recognize I can back up, click the three dots, click view on geocaching.com, then scroll down, rotate the phone, zoom in and then hunt for the missing log. However, this isn't exactly intuitive or smooth.

My suggestion would be to add a "view on geocaching.com" item to the three-dots menu on the "opted-out user" log entry. This would launch the browser and take the user directly to the specific "View Geocache Log" entry on the geocaching.com website for that specific log entry (e.g. https://coord.info/GL18K6VM0).

If that is not feasible, then adding a "View Cache on geocaching.com" button on the Cachly log screen would also be welcome, as it would be more intuitive and save several taps.

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