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I just have a simple request.

There are a lot of ways to filter out any type of cache, found or not found etc.
What I want to have as a feature on the cachly app is to have a slider that will hide all other caches but the ones I have marked with a DNF. 

Amidst all the sorts of caches in the map a diffrent location I go to it's pretty hard to find caches back that I have looked for but not have found. I could seperately put them in a list and save that list but I more the often forget. So I was wondering if it would be possible to just have a toggle in the  filter area that ONLY shows caches that are marked with a DNF.


Regards G3oSense

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Cachly is an official partner app, so we use the geocaching.com API to return all caches. Sadly it does not support that search filter, so we can't create this as a feature. Of course we could show only DNF AFTER we get the data, but that would not be a reliable or accurate way to show that data to users.

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