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Bigger Cache Icons on retina display



Using Cachly with a high dpi display only shows very small cache icons. It is almost impossible to see if a cache has been found or not. If you don't have eagle eyes, it would be nice to be able to choose  large icons (2x) in the settings.

Happy caching 


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Yes, they ihre hard to see. At least if you have to wear glasses for reading.

I learned how to remove the found icons from the map using a filter. That helps a lot.

i thought that the icons in the app looking4cache, where are bigger. They are not :blink: , but the map is not as detailed as in Cachly. The icons in Cachly are not as colourful as in L4C so the seemed to be smaller. 

outdoor it is sometimes hard to see if it a park poi or a traditional cache.









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