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Time, signal and battery display disappear

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Hi again

Since upgrading to an iPhone 12, I have had an issue with Cachly which I never experienced with my iPhone 7. The time and GPSr signal display on the top left of the screen, and the signal strength, data signal and battery indicator on the top right of the screen disappear after using Cachly for a while (usually >1 hour). It can easily be fixed by force closing the app and restarting, but I wondered if anyone experiences this and if there is a fix.

I am using Cachly v 7.0.5 (1)

The iOS was 14.5, but I updated to 15.1 and it is still happening. I think it was happening on previous iOS too, but only since I changed to an iPhone 12

My phone is an iPhone 12

I am a Premium member of geocaching.com

I have uploaded screen shots of when the time and - most importantly - battery status are visible, and another when they disappear.

Thank you :)

time and battery have disappeared.PNG

with time and battery.PNG

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This is a general iOS bug that has been around in iOS for quite a while. If you google "iOS status bar disappears" you will find many pages on this topic.

Sadly, it is very random and Apple doesn't seem to want to fix it yet. :(

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