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Why don't pending logs from iPhone show in my Cachly for iPad?

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I'll "save" logs while caching with my iPhone to type up later when I get home, but Cachly on my iPad doesn't show any pending logs. Do I have to log out of Cachly on the iPad now and then to refresh it? I don't see a "sync" setting. Obviously my finds are up to date on both devices, my numbers. Just not my pending logs. Apologies if this was already addressed here, but my keyword search didn't bring anything up. Thanks

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1 hour ago, geowaters said:

And drafts is something in Settings I can just set as default? Currently I just unclick "Send now" and "Save" the log, which only saves to the iPhone. 

Yes, you can set the Drafts option as a log default. In a future version I hope to have geocaching.com Drafts show up in Cachly so that users can finishing them there instead of the website.

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