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Circles around caches or distance between 2 caches


I would really like to easily be able to tell the distance between 2 caches.

Currently I believe the only way to do that is if I am at one cache and then look at the distance to the 2nd cache. 

One solution that I know the program already partially supports would be to have a setting that allows a user to put a circle around a cache that is a distance defined by the user. 

This would allow me to find caches within say 5 miles or 20 miles of a specific cache. Not a perfect solution but already partially built with the 528 feet radius circles, would need to be added as a configurable option. 

The perfect solution would be a setting where maybe I select one cache then select a second cache and just am presented the distance since that is what I am really looking for...

One of several use cases for a tool like this are the 5KM and 20KM cache chains or fences that some challenges are using. Here is a 5KM fence challenge checker where you need to cover a specific area with caches that are no further than 5KMs from each other. There are others with 20KM links designed to try and cover huge distances. 


It is pretty disheartening to go try and extend a chain to find that Cache A and Cache B are actually 5.2 KM apart instead of the "pinky measured" 5KM that might have extended  the enclosed area... Currently my only way to figure it out is drive out to the cache. 

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On 7/26/2021 at 7:40 AM, Nic Hubbard said:

Thanks for the suggestion.

If you have caches saved into an offline list, there is a distance filter. Would this help here?

I do have them saved in offline lists -  from what I can tell it filters distance from my current location - I am trying to find all caches within a distance of a specific cache. 

So XYZ cache (which is currently 100 miles away from me) - i am looking for caches that are inside a 5 mile circle from that cache... Once I am on site that is pretty straightforward to identify, but when I am planning a trip this functionality would come in very useful... 


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