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Drafts in Cachly don't go to GC.com

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A few days ago I found out about Cachly and immediately wanted to get into it as the possibilities of the official app which I’ve been using are very limiting. Over the past year I became a bit of a power user, and this app seems to be able to help me a log with the things I’ve been missing and needing. Been playing around with the app a bit and trying in out in the wild, but one thing prevents me from switching.


I’ve read several posts on this forum about drafts misbehaving, but none of the posts seem to have the same /consistent/ issue as me. No matter which combination of ‘Send log now’ and ‘Save as Draft’ buttons I toggle, the draft log never shows up on geocaching.com. I’ve tried logging out of the app, restarting the phone, uninstalling the app. Nothing helped.

I do currently have a bunch of drafts on GC.com sent from the official app, but the ones logged on Cachly don’t appear. I’ve tried on cellular as well as WiFi. I’m out of troubleshooting steps, the forum questions requiring this are a bit different, and the Cachly wiki seems limited for troubleshooting.


Any help would be much appreciated!



Cachly version number: 6.1.16 (2)

iOS version: 12.4.1

Device that you are using: iPhone Xr

Premium user


2021-05-28 15.30.11.png

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Hey there and welcome to Cachly!

There are 2 log settings that work together but also independently in how your logs are managed. The two options are Send Log Now and Save as Draft. 

When Send Log Now is set, after you complete the log on your phone, it is sent immediately to GC. If that option is not enabled, when you complete the log on your phone, it is saved as a local draft.

When Save as Draft is enabled, when the log is sent to GC, it will be a Draft log on the GC site. If not enabled, when the log is sent to GC, it will be posted on the cache page immediately. 

You can mix and match the above and all combinations will produce different results. Since it looks like you have local (on your phone) drafts, those need to be sent to GC before they will show up. They would be local drafts if you have Send Log Now disabled (not showing green in the settings). Depending if you have Save as Draft, it will either post against the cache immediately or go to GC drafts.

What are you settings?  And you can change your default settings each tine you go to log a cache.

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Darn. I feel like an idiot. I've been playing about with it for a few minutes every day for a week now, and didn't manage to figure out the correct combination. Now I looked at your mix & match descriptions, and realized where the mistake was. Sorry. And thanks!

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