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Cachly is enough Challenge for me

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I don't need Challenge Caches, I have enough challenges with Cachly.

I'm trying to import a list of caches from my desktop.  I saved a list from GSAK as a GPX file named Local and put this file in Dropbox.

Following instructions I went to the three dots and chose More.  There I clicked Import from Dropbox.  This took me to a screen where some Dropbox folders were shown.  I chose the folder where I had put the GPX file (Local) and selected it.  The word Downloading flashed momentarily on a green background then I was taken to the screen shot below.  This screen seems to suggest I should click on the word IMPORT but nothing on that screen is clickable except the top line which takes me me to a page saying No Lists Found.  Then I go to the Live screen and click Lists which displays a screen that says No Lists Found.

I find all this puzzling and am unable to import my list.


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