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Duplicate Logs In Offline Lists After Refreshing List

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I noticed this strange situation with offline lists before so thought I would ask the possible reason and how to resolve, after seeing FIVE duplicate logs for myself and two other finders plus the same for the reviewer’s publication log on some example caches - all initial logs were generated on the day of publication and involved traditional & mystery caches (Note: a found log by another cacher the following day has no duplicates in the offline list). This phenomenon is showing on all caches I logged from that offline list, but also the same for finders of caches that I didn’t visit/log on that same day.

I’m pretty sure the duplicate logs were created/incremented each time I refreshed the offline list, which I did several times whilst walking a new series as I wanted to know if other cachers were around!

I have tried rebooting Cachly since, but the duplicates are still showing. I have also since recreated the list in ‘Live View’ (no duplicated logs showing) then saved those same caches to a differently named offline list … the five duplicate logs in the original problematic list are now showing in the new offline list!

I refresh offline lists by displaying the list in map view, tap top/right 3-dot menu, then select: ‘Update Caches’ >> ‘All Caches’ >> ‘Full Cache Data’.

Am using an iPhone7+ on iOS 14.4.2 and Cachly 6.1.16 (2).

Any thoughts and hopefully a solution would be most appreciated. Is this a bug or something I’m somehow causing?  Couple screen shots attached for information.




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