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Multi Cache - waypoints

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today was was geocaching and I found out the following behaviour of the app. 

1. I choose a Multi Cache and click on map. Then I can see the cache and it’s waypoints. 


 2. Then I click on the traditional cache and click the button „log geocache“. The preferences are: „save as draft“ and „save“E9F0DC06-6E2B-40FD-BB4B-2F951FD2A00B.thumb.jpeg.d4a66c946eb228cee4c198ae81b255ce.jpeg

3. After saving the log, I switch back to the Multi Cache and the waypoints are not visible anymore. 99FAD527-E7C2-40DB-94FE-8C74B7947507.thumb.jpeg.ba4ac53fa3b49940a0b30c8a00c8b8a3.jpeg

4. To see the waypoints again I have to leave the Multi Cache completely and open again. It would be more easy to see see the waypoints directly switching back from the traditional cache. 



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