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Bad Request Error 5/29-5/30/2019

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For the past two days every time I go to use any Cachly function, I get a bad request error. I took screenshots of the error messages and emailed Cachly support (5minutes ago).  The message gives me a choice between continuing off-line or logging on to Geocaching.com again. I logged out and then logged back in.  That didn’t help and I immediately got the same message.  That message repeats every three seconds and requires a choice.  Is anyone else having the same problem?   We know Cachly is changing over to a new system to be compatible with the changes at Geocaching. I don’t want these messages coming up every three seconds (literally).The last time I uninstalled it and reinstalled it I lost all my saved geocaches. Is anyone else having the same problems?



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The last time I had a problem, I had to uninstall Cachly and reinstall it again.  I lost all my saved files.  I’ve saved sets of files that I need for our two trips in the next month and don’t want to reinstall. Thanks in advance. 

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