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Apple Watch, Custom Waypoints, and Souvenirs



I downloaded Cachly yesterday and have been really enjoying it so far. I already found quite a few caches with it and am very impressed. I am most excited about how involved the devs are! I just had a few ideas that I thought I would share.

I think it would be pretty neat to add Apple Watch functionality to the app. I was thinking it would be neat to be able to see the compass guiding you to the selected geocache on your watch.

This may already be a feature, but I haven't figured out how to add and navigate to a user created waypoint yet. It would be helpful to be able to input and associate custom waypoints with certain caches. This would be extremely useful for multi caches, puzzle caches, and mystery caches.

One last suggestion. Being able to see user's souvenirs on their profile page would be great.

Thanks for making Cachly. I can tell it's been given lots of love and effort, and I'm really enjoying it so far.

[Edit] So after poking around the app more I discovered how to add custom waypoints so please disregard that suggestion.

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Thanks Rob,


Apple Watch has always been on the list of features to build. I had a Watch on day 1, other features took priority, but it is still going to happen soon.


Souvenirs are a feature that I was working on just last week. So that is for sure going to be included very soon.


Thanks for downloading Cachly! If you love it, would you mind leaving us a review on the App Store? It can really help!


Let me know if you have any other questions.

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