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Distance filter doesn't work

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When I choose the distance filter, either alone or in conjunction with other filters, I get a random selection of caches. I like to filter out caches more than 50 miles away because I don't need to see them when I'm out caching. 




The first pic is a filter of highlighted caches. They're either very old or solved puzzles. 


The second pic is the filters page. 


The third pic is the result of adding the distance filter to my existing filter of highlighted and unknown caches. I can't figure out why it's showing me these particular caches and not all highlighted unknown caches within 50 miles. 




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Oh for crying out loud. 


I wanted to see if this affected any other offline  lists so I did a simple distance filter on 2 other lists. They worked fine so I went back my Default list and now it's working as expected. 


This is still rather strange behavior. 

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Distances from your current location are calculated in the background when you start viewing the list. For a large list like your 33k list it will take a small amount of time for those to get calculated. 

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