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Comma between latitude and longitude

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Cachly uses a comma between latitude and longitude and includes this character when one copies the coordinates. Other applications follow the format used by geocaching.com (the only separator between coords is the white space) and cannot parse comma-separated coordinates when I paste them. GCBuddy, L4C, GCTK, GCTools, iGCT Pro - all use coordinates without a comma. (Actually, iGCT Pro is the only app from my geocaching toolbox which, in addition to Cachly, can parse comma-separated coords. Still, when the coordinates are copied from this app, they are space-separated. And almost never use this app.)

Are there situations when this comma is required? Is this perhaps related to iOS language/settings? I used forum search but did not find a discussion about the comma between the coordinates. Any chance to delete the comma between latitude and longitude or add an option into the next version to switch commy on and off?  


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