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missing fresh circle/arrow

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I used Cachly on my old iPhone 5s until recently. I upgraded my phone and got a new version of Cachly. However, the old one had a circle on the Live screen that allowed refreshing the caches visible on the page. The new version doesn't have the circle/arrow, and only a funnel, which doesn't have the same option and now I only see the 50 nearest caches and can't search ahead to where I'll be. I've tried logging out and I've tried deleting the app and reinstalling, but I still just get the funnel. 

new live.jpg

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6 hours ago, Wj Family said:

thanks! (I guess I needed my reading glasses :)

Just to confirm (we had another user not see it), did you see the "What's New" screen when you installed 4.3? It talked about the changes to the filter and refresh buttons. I just wanted to make sure it was showing for all users.

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