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Caches not showing on map

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Updated Cachly up to 4.3

Map not showing Earthcache’s. I logged out and logged back into the app. No change. I was able to search for the GC code (GC7MK4R) and it showed up. 

Refreshed the map and it was gone again, was able to see other caches, just not the Earthcache. 

We have around 20 Earthcaches in town and none show up on map. It is not a deselected type in settings. 

Maldonado couldn’t see traditional (GC7MAF8) on map or list view. 

Not sure what else could be missing or why not showing up. 

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Before you delete the app (for future reference) you can create a backup file found under the "more" tab, save it to dropbox, then reload your lists when you reinstall Cachly.  

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