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Coords without N-S, E-W should adopt quadrant of current location or cache


I have final coords for some mysteries in a text file. I didn't include the N and W because I'm lazy and they are extra characters. So I copied and pasted one into a waypoint title. Tapping on the latitude field updated the coords. I LOVE HOW THAT WORKS! However, I didn't notice that the longitude chose E instead of W. I was confused when I went to the map because the coords for final should have been close. It took me a moment to realize what had happened and switch the E to W and get it to save.

I propose that pasted coords that don't have N-S or E-W default to either the current location's quadrant or the cache's quadrant. I don't care which. People living closer to the edges might have a preference.

By the way, I'd like an option to display cache at both posted and corrected coordinates. I'd like to see my geo-art as the art but also know where the caches are along the trail. Thank you.

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