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  1. When I complete geo-art, it would be nice to have the found caches go back to their posted coordinates that make the picture. I understand that some people want the cache finds to show where they were found. Could we please have a toggle to indicate whether we want a find to display at its posted coords or its solved coords? It should be on a cache-by-cache basis.
  2. A friend and I are both using Cachly 5. He created a list for an upcoming adventure. He sent it to me as a text message. I saved it to Dropbox and imported it into a new offline list in Cachly. When I opened the list, I was surprised to see a smile for a find. The cache said I had found it (but not a date). I took a screenshot. By pulling down on the cache to force it to update, the smile and find went away.
  3. BethKatzPA

    Found count off. Needs maint counted?

    I'm not quite sure how to reproduce this, but the find count included in the two logs after I logged a Needs Maintenance was one too many. The NM was not intended to be a find. I'm thinking that the NM counted as a find within Cachly. I did a separate found and saved as a draft. It was one of the ones that was one high. I use a text template that included my find count.
  4. I just checked this in 4.3. It's still broken. No, I hadn't reported it previously. I'm usually out in the field when I run into it. And then I figure I am doing something wrong. I create a waypoint and set it as a target. But then after using it, I decide the coords aren't as good as they could be. So I choose Edit waypoint and save. The waypoint is no longer the target. However, if I tap on it, I don't have the option to make it the target. I have to tap on some other waypoint, make that the target, and then tap on the one I am working on and make it the target again. I can repeat this sitting at home as well as out in the field.
  5. BethKatzPA

    Exporting waypoints and importing them

    I used Cachly to create a bunch of waypoints on a cache and want to share them with a friend as points of interest on a hike. I thought I could export a GPX file and share it with him, but the waypoints aren't imported. They are in the GPX file if I look at it in TextEdit. But if I import it into another offline list, only one waypoint shows up.
  6. I have final coords for some mysteries in a text file. I didn't include the N and W because I'm lazy and they are extra characters. So I copied and pasted one into a waypoint title. Tapping on the latitude field updated the coords. I LOVE HOW THAT WORKS! However, I didn't notice that the longitude chose E instead of W. I was confused when I went to the map because the coords for final should have been close. It took me a moment to realize what had happened and switch the E to W and get it to save. I propose that pasted coords that don't have N-S or E-W default to either the current location's quadrant or the cache's quadrant. I don't care which. People living closer to the edges might have a preference. By the way, I'd like an option to display cache at both posted and corrected coordinates. I'd like to see my geo-art as the art but also know where the caches are along the trail. Thank you.
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    Geocaching recently introduced a coordinate checker for mysteries. I was surprised that it does not display in Cachly or the official app. I gather they do not allow access to it from the API? I was very disappointed. We published geo-art, and the checkers only show on the web site. I know we can use third-party coordinate checkers.
  8. BethKatzPA

    Exporting waypoints and importing them

  9. I'm caching in a valley that has multiple multi-stage caches. I've found them all but would like to hike the area again and perhaps add a cache of my own. I'd like to be able to look at the overview map with radius circles and see all of the stages. Now, if I display corrected coordinates, the first stage doesn't show. In addition, I'd like to be able to have a toggle to show both posted and corrected coordinates. This would let me see geo-art as art as well as searchable containers. That could be an overall setting or an individual cache setting.
  10. BethKatzPA

    Show all stages of caches in an area

    Yes. The pin moves when I have corrected coordinates. It would be really nice to be able to display both posted and corrected coordinates especially for geo-art.
  11. BethKatzPA

    Find count wrong in draft logs

    I think there is a bug with the log template, find_count variable, and drafts. My default log text to be filled in when I'm on my computer is # *|find_count|*. TFTC I've been saving as draft and sending immediately. Today, I had decent cel service while caching and just did a find, send as draft, and send now. The screenshot from the draft page online shows the caches I found in the correct order with newest on top. I have completed logs on 2105 caches. So the first log for today (at the bottom) has the correct find number of #2106. However, it was raining, and before the fifth cache, I had to reboot my phone. Apparently Cachly did not have the info that I had sent four previous cache finds as drafts. The topmost cache also has #2106 as its find number. In addition, sitting at home, if I go to a cache listing, start to log it, preview the log, it also says that it will be #2106. I thought the find count used to work flawlessly.
  12. BethKatzPA

    Find count wrong in draft logs

    Plus I just noticed that I did one twice. And I didn't even mention the Earthcache at the beginning. Oh well. Thank you for a great app. I'm really enjoying it.
  13. BethKatzPA

    Find count wrong in draft logs

    Okay. I'm trying to balance keeping the finds in order, storing the information off my phone, writing good logs, and making sure I log trackables that have changed status (picked up or dropped off) as quickly as possible. I guess those goals aren't compatible.
  14. I'm not quite sure how to describe this issue that I've seen and that I think some people have brought up on Facebook ... I saved some caches in an offline list anticipating not having cel service. That included creating a Cache Note in preparation for working a puzzle. But when I am out in the field, I am navigating to them as Live. When I get to the cache location and bring up the Cache Note, it is empty. I'm surprised because I don't realize the note was saved with the offline version of the cache rather than the live version. I don't have cel service, so maybe the note isn't available to pull from the cloud. I think I could switch to the offline version and solve the puzzle. I didn't think of that and worked through the puzzle in the live version but didn't choose Save. So my work no longer exists. That's unexpected but okay. I found the cache and have corrected coords. The issue I see here is keeping live and offline information synced when there is spotty cel service. This would apply to Cache Notes as well as Waypoints. I appreciated that setting the waypoint for the final worked without cel service even working live. That didn't work well previously. I'm not sure how much of this is a bug and how much of it is educating users about how to use offline lists. If using offline version of cache, stick to offline version of cache. How hard would it be to download the Cache Note and Waypoints when loading a cache live? I'm pretty sure I had entered the Cache Note before we arrived at the park. The unworked puzzle is online as well as in my offline list. People on Facebook are noting the proliferation of waypoints. I'm thinking that may be because they were created both live and offline.
  15. BethKatzPA

    Corrected coordinates

    When finding a mystery-cache last evening (live, not offline), I was surprised that I had difficulty making the waypoint with the corrected coordinates be my target. We went to first stage of GC40B3G, and I found the coordinates. I tapped Waypoints and +. I typed in Final as the name and used the wheels to set latitude and longitude. I moved the toggle to indicate that it is the corrected coordinate. I saved. I was in an area that had great cel service. I think Cachly was showing it as the corrected coordinate. As I sit here typing this, Cachly has that waypoint as the target. But in the field, I had to try several things to make that point my target. I think I had to back entirely out of the cache listing before it would work. I did find the container. I note that if I choose navigate to cache and map now, I don't see the original posted point; I *was* seeing it last night. Cachly kept wanting to make that my target. This one is listed as a mystery cache. There's a nearby multi-cache that has a similar setup of puzzle. But it is listed as a multi-cache. For that one, both the original coordinates and corrected coordinates show on the map. I just checked on another mystery that I have found. When it was in an offline list, the original coordinate showed even when I refreshed. But when it is live, the original doesn't show. But I checked another mystery I have solved but not found, and the original coord doesn't show offline or live. It is not consistent. I want both original and corrected coordinates to show on the map whether it is a multi or a mystery. And I want to easily be able to tap on a waypoint and say "Set as Target". That seems to be normal for multi but maybe not. I found a multi that doesn't show both waypoints. It's inconsistent. On the bright side, I see a 8-part multi (listed as a mystery; GC1EB6H) I found shows all the waypoints on the map. I can tap on each one and get the choice to make it my target. I'm using the offline maps for Colorado and Pennsylvania. Switching between them is flawless. In seeing whether this works for you, it looks like you need to try multiple caches because it isn't consistent for mystery/multi/live/offline/solved/found. All the waypoints should show on the map. Tapping on a waypoint and then its label should bring up the "Set as Target" choice.
  16. BethKatzPA

    Corrected coordinates

    Yes, those are the two things I am seeing. And that it is inconsistent. So it works differently and unexpectedly. You might think it is fixed but it may not be.
  17. BethKatzPA

    Bulk Submission of Blank Drafts

    As a workaround, you could create a template in Cachly that has some simple text: "TFTC" or "Great hide." You would just need to double-click it when editing your draft.
  18. BethKatzPA

    Waypoint creation from dropped pin

    While navigating to a cache, I wanted to know how far it would be to the turn off of the current road. I dropped a pin and said I wanted to create a waypoint. When the screen appeared, the two preset choices are "current location" and "geocache location". I was expecting "pin location" to be an option. I can get around this by first choosing "copy coordinate" and then choosing to create the waypoint and pasting in the coordinate. But that isn't intuitive; it's a workaround. I think I could have saved it as a location, but then it is in my global context rather than the context for that cache. I'm thinking waypoints are for caches and locations are for the app overall. Right? Once I got cel service again, the waypoints eventually got synced to the geocaching web site where the official app can access them. So they are stored with my account. I'm using Cachly 3.0 (25) on an iPhone 6.
  19. BethKatzPA

    Elevation units

    I was looking forward to having elevation shown on locations such as dropped pins. Nic said it would be in Cachly 3. But I didn't SEE it when out in the mountains. Colorado mountains. I was expecting something with units in feet. The value with miles units didn't register as something meaningful. Right now, Cachly says I am at 1.07 miles rather than 5670 feet. People using metric can easily move decimal points but may still want more precision. Could we please have the elevation in feet and meters? Thank you. Cachly 3 (25) and iPhone 6
  20. BethKatzPA

    Elevation units

    Thank you. I normally live at 300 feet, so I wouldn't have noticed there either. Here's an example from yesterday. Offline Colorado map working beautifully in sporadic cel coverage.
  21. BethKatzPA

    Blank Line When Using Template

    Thank you for removing the space. Although I understand how it could be handy, it violates the what-you-see-is-what-you-get philosophy. And it's confusing to many of us.
  22. BethKatzPA

    Waypoint creation from dropped pin

    Thank you for the upcoming fix. On a related note, I have been delighted when copying the text of a calculated waypoint for a puzzle and then creating the waypoint, that when I paste the value into the title so I can use it, the coordinate settings change. It is so awesome that it works that way. It just works.