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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I'll try to explain my request as best I can, I'm not a 100% English speaker. I'd like to know if cachly has placeholders (codes in square brackets or vertical bars) in templates like [date] or [numb_found] (it can also be called something else) I used to use this with CGeo but I'm switching to iOs. The aim is to give the name of the cache, info (D/T), the day it was found, the number of caches found... I don't see this info in the wiki or on the site. Is there a wiki page or article where this is explained ? Thanks for your help.
  2. 4cycle

    Add log types for Templates

    Can you add LOG types “Disable” and “Enable” to the template log type lists?
  3. Been using the enable log templates for found it. Placed *|find_count|* in my template and it has been working great up until my 499 find. It seemed to have missed that number and jumped from 498 to 500. Now my count is 1 lower on Geocaching.com than my log files. Not sure what caused that but I did change a DNF to a found, and I believe I wrote a note on one of them as well in addition to the find. I also saved the log offline until I got into a better reception area. Anyway, how do I correct my log files back to what Geocaching.com sites says and where is it getting my find numbers from?
  4. Sherminator18

    Export .txt File Gets rid of Keywords

    I had 4 pending logs saved on Cachly all of them using the find count and cache owner name keywords. When I export my logs to a .txt file, the keywords changed to regular text. The cache owner names were correct for each cache but the find count keywords all showed the same number.
  5. Sherminator18

    Blank Line When Using Template

    When logging a cache when I have a template set up a blank line appears at the start of my log. My template begins on the 2nd line. This does not show up when I go to edit the template
  6. Kyzabra

    Multiple log templates

    I'm sure it's been asked before, but wondering how far down the development tree is the ability to have multiple log templates. Or ideally, a seperate template for each log type (Find, dnf, need maintenance etc) this would be really handy.
  7. ElectroQTed


    As a Geosphere refugee, I have become quite used to creating templates for logging caches. Examples would be for FTF logs with time stamps, TFTC logs, specific logs when out caching with a group. In Cachly, I had set up the single available default log, but found it cumbersome. It was my standard "Thanks for the cache, Ted." In order to add to that default log, I have to touch the screen and slide my finger to set the cursor to the beginning of the default text, and then begin typing. With templates, I can begin typing and then insert text from templates quickly on the fly. In my opinion, text templates are an essential time saver when logging. Text templates would be a most welcome addition to Cachly.