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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, would be possible to implement in Cachly, that pictures taken via Cachly app would save as well GPS coordinates of place wher pix was taken? Now I need to take picture via Camera app and than paste it in Personal notice. It takes much longer than to take photos from Cachly - Personal notice directly. I understand, that in Logs are the GPS not desirable, but It would be nice, to save GPS for personal notes photos.
  2. Hi Nic, Is any chance to upload (import), like as .GPX but in .txt from Garmin? Is a good idea to upload the .txt from the gps Garmin and change the log to the models we have in the templates logs in Cachly. example: Txt from Garmin file: GC5K608,2021-08-15T14:23Z,Found it,"" To template I have in found it is: *|date_medium|* |§| *|week_day|* Dia onde foi possível descobrir mais uma caixinha e colocar mais um smile no mapa. Depois de alguma procura, lá apareceu o que se procurava e de boa saúde. Registada a passagem, container arrumado no seu devido local e siga caminho. Descoberta efetuada em família com o filhote 2kache. OPC (*|owner_name|*) por dar a conhecer este recanto e por proporcionar bons momentos nesta aventura. *|cache_name|* > *|cache_code|* TFTC ***|username|*** thanks.
  3. Could the Cachly have an issue with GPS in the iOS 13? I heard some rumours about applications in this context.
  4. I'd love to have the ability to have breadcrumbs (track-log) displayed on the map while using it. I left my Garmin in the car over the weekend and found myself a bit lost without the breadcrumb line on my garmin to show me how how get back to the car. It would be really awesome if this was a feature that could be turned on/off in Cachly :-)
  5. Nic, I've just downloaded Cachly on the recommendation of other frustrated Geosphere users and THEY WERE RIGHT! This is a great Geocaching App. As a Geosphere refugee it'll come as no surprise that I'm doing a little feature-matching as I get used to Cachly! I took Cachly for a run yesterday and this is one of two things I noticed that would (in my view) greatly improve the Cachly experience. As you will be very aware, running the GPS in an iPhone is hard on battery life. As a Geosphere user, I'm used to being able to turn the GPS in the iPhone on and off while using the application and would love to see this capability added to Cachly. In practice, you locate your cache with the GPS on, discover it's a 10 minute hike up the trail, turn off the GPS while you hike and then turn it on again when you get close to GZ. Once the cache is found, turn the GPS off again for the hike back to the car! This way the GPS is only sucking the battery flat for the time it takes to actually locate the cache - not the whole time you are getting there and back. You've them got half a chance of getting your iphone battery to last more than half the day. I'm thinking that a simple on/off button on the Map and Compass screens would be perfect.
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