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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, Another tweak idea about the Pending Logs list, that would give that extra little bit of comfort, but isn't super necessary. In the Online and Offline Lists highlights are very well presented as ribbons on the left side. It would be great to have the same ribbons also in the Pending Logs list. This would make it easier to see if caches intended to be logged are still highlighted and require a change, removal, etc. To see that at the moment it is necessary to swipe left for each cache, click on Options, click on View Cache and then check the cache. (Or check the map view) Thanks a lot for the great work. Cheers
  2. In case it hasn't been mentioned, I think it would be quite useful if the cache type (traditional, virtual, earth cache) was displayed for each cache in the pending logs list. After a long day of caching last week I had 100 pending logs with virtuals and earth caches mixed together with a lot of traditional. I was trying to remember which cache was which so I could write a slightly less generic log as well as which ones I needed to add "answers submitted" to the logs or write "I don't yet quite qualify for this challenge cache" note. I ended up having to jump back to my offline list (I cache almost exclusively from offline lists) and filter by cache type to see the names of the virtuals and earth caches I found that day. As always, thanks for the great app and the great support.
  3. New Cachly user and Geosphere refugee here. I used Cachly on the trail for the first time today, and encountered problems when I tried to use "export GSAK Note". It would only work with the email option. Exporting to Dropbox or OneDrive both failed. Dropbox gave an error, OneDrive just hung there, but I could cancel out of it. I'm using an iPhone 6 with iOS 10.2 and Cachly 2.0.1.
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