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Found 3 results

  1. Not sure if this is a feature request or feedback so Ill chuck it here. I find the handling of Multi's in cachly a bit clunky at the moment so Ill put some thoughts out there. It would be handy if when clicking on a waypoint, then the "i" button, tha you could from this pop up access the following Read the information/text assigned to this waypoint (there is often a question) View the cache listing (saves jumping back out of the map and viewing the listing Access the cache notes page so you can type your answer in for later reference I believe this has been asked before but the ability to turn on waypoints to view in the general map would be great When caching in an area, you are often walking past waypoints for other caches and can collect the relevant info as you pass Refer to above point for functionality to edit said cache
  2. This weekend I was doing some maintenance on several of my multi's. On one of the multi's, some of the stages had gone missing-->so I was going to cut them out. I noticed that when looking at my own multi on Cachly, the additional stages & final don't show up. I know that when looking at geocaching online, I can click a link to show all of the additional stages and final. Not a huge deal either way, but do you think that this is something that could be incorporated? Thanks in advance! SB
  3. Apologies if this has been raised elsewhere - I have had a look, but cannot see a similar mention - but what are cachers' thoughts on a feature to capture/input a coordinate formula - typically found with multi caches - when the ability to enter the values of the variables found at the one or more WPs and have the app calculate the final coordinates? Currently this feature is my big draw to the GCBuddy app.
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