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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I am migrate from L4C apps to Cachly. Lots of function are better than in L4C, but one big drawback are maps. I have STANDARD MASP and PREMIUM MAPS, but both are worst than maps in L4C :(. CITY: L4C - CACHLY STANDARD - CACHLY PREMIUM FOREST L4C - CACHLY STANDARD - CACHLY PREMIUM And PREMIUM maps is worst for using, because during zooming the map changes its size slightly by default :(. Please add maps layers from L4C apps to Cachly. There are OSM maps.
  2. In the L4C app, the overlay is a one-click photomap. Icon is in the left-top corner. In Cachly i have to change maps. When I selected more maps layers (more states), then I have to repeatedly selected more map layers :(.
  3. Is there a way to show both parking and geocache waypoints on the same map?
  4. Hi, Recently I made changes to the OSM data because I found several "inaccuracies" while caching. This brought up the questions: What is the update cycle for Cachly offline maps Do we get some sort of notification "new map data available" Best, David
  5. I am relatively new to the forum and have search in vain for info as to whether osm cycle naps are downloadable for off line use. I have the Standard off line data for England and in forest areas tracks are hardly shown I attach two screen shots showing the app offline map of an area in S England in the New Forest. The other is a shot of the live cycle map. The difference is stark. I hope the better map can be downloaded Mike
  6. Hello, is it possible to add support for custom offline maps in mapsforge (.map) format?
  7. Hello I have problem with offline maps (Czech Republic - Europe). The name of cities isn't typed correctly. I will upload pictures and you will see what I mean.
  8. I do love the Cachly app but one thing I think it needs (and is available on other third party apps) is LIVE updating maps, I want to be able to get in my car at the start of my journey and as I pass caches on my route they update and appear live onto my map without me pressing or doing anything. There is a LIVE button on the maps in Looking For Cache app which is the exact feature, it loads as I move- this would be a killer feature and bean I can delete L4C. If this feature is available, I can't find it :-)
  9. I love the maps that are included in Cachly, but it would be nice to have the option to add custom maps.
  10. Use case: 1. search for a cache using a GC code 2. click on it, go to details 3. press ... 4. Save to offline list 5. select a list cachly offers to save cache details, including images, but NOT the map cachly should offer also map for saving, for example the standard 150 meters around it, or user selectable This map saving works if I use a map to search the caches, but not for a single one. Thanks, Miro
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