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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I have a problem with Cachly lately. I'm becoming following error message: (see picture) I was trying to add picture to personal note. Premium user of Geocaching.com Cachly v. 7.1.3 on iPhone 15 Pro Max iOS v iOS 17.4 (21E217) - public beta 4 I can find any cause or a way to fix it. (iPhone setting and so on...) What can I do? Any Ideas?
  2. For the past two days every time I go to use any Cachly function, I get a bad request error. I took screenshots of the error messages and emailed Cachly support (5minutes ago). The message gives me a choice between continuing off-line or logging on to Geocaching.com again. I logged out and then logged back in. That didn’t help and I immediately got the same message. That message repeats every three seconds and requires a choice. Is anyone else having the same problem? We know Cachly is changing over to a new system to be compatible with the changes at Geocaching. I don’t want these messages coming up every three seconds (literally).The last time I uninstalled it and reinstalled it I lost all my saved geocaches. Is anyone else having the same problems?
  3. Hello, cashly is crashing every time I try to download a PQ with germanic umlaut within its name. Unfortunatly, such PQ can only be created from bookmarks. I've created samles to reproduce the problem. They are attached. Bookmarks are public and could be views here (without umlaut) and here (with umlaut). Both should include PQ-name within filename. Regards Edit: [2016-01-31] Links to PQ's won't work 17182274_cach.lytest.zip 17182278_cach.lytestäöüßÄÖÜ.zip
  4. Hello, on deactivated caches the text overlap with waypoint option. Regards
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