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Found 5 results

  1. For more than half of my Pocket Queries download into Cachly is impossible because it stalls. When I try downloading them often after some time one of the many segments of up to 50 caches seems to complete, but the others do not for minutes. I even tried it over night in 2 cases and the download did not complete. The download does not always stall after completion of one segment, sometimes it is more, sometimes less. It occurs for both my iPhone as well as my iPad, and for both of them the same PQs stalled. In those cases I compared it was even the same segments on both devices that completed before the stall. (Reference information: iPhone: iOS 16.5, device: iPhone 14 Pro (A2890); iPad: iOS 16.4.1, device: iPad (5th generation) (A1822); both: Cachly version numer: 7.1.1 (1), screen: PQs, repeatable: yes, Premium: yes )
  2. Hello, I am not sure if this is a feature I don't fully understand or a bug, and I wasn't able to find a topic that fully covered this. The problem: I like to create offline lists of my pocket queries by downloading them with 'Full Cache Data' and 'Download Images' turned on. The app then shows that it downloads all the cache data and logs, followed by the download of images. After all downloads are complete (i.e. showing >500MB of images in the 'Storage' -> 'Cache Images' Section), a cache that has logged images only shows however the image description, but the images itself are gray (See screenshot) and some of them have a thick green box around them. To actually see the image, I have to tap on it and then it will be downloaded (again), which makes it unusable off the grid. I would expect that with the fully downloaded PQ I would have already all images on my device and that no additional download would be necessary. Is there something wrong, or is there a setting that might interfere here? The basics: Iphone 11 Pro Max with FW 14.2 Cachly version 6.1.5 (2) Full Cache Data is turned OFF in settings for Live Search Thanks for the help and thanks for creating and maintaining such a great app!!!
  3. Just another thought- when I download a cache into my offline list it would be nice to be able to select what info I want to be available offline- at there moment I have LITE or FULL. LITE is not really enough info but FULL takes a while to download. It would be nice to be able to select LITE BUT with Hints. Or LITE with Hints and logs. Maybe a tick box option of the sections you actually want downloaded. A lot of the time I just want the location and the hint but it would be cool to be able to select what info to put offline. Thanks.
  4. After a Pocket Query is downloaded on the "Pocket Queries" screen, there is no indication left behind that the download has completed and when it was last done. I think it would be a nice addition to Cachly if the individual Queries could be marked in some way (a background or typeface colour change maybe) to indicate that they have already been downloaded. Not sure if it's possible to extend this by having the original colour return if the Pocket Query is refreshed at geocaching.com (which would indicate it needs re-downloading into Cachly). The addition of the date of download (space permitting) would also be a great feature.
  5. Hello, Just downloaded Cachly after hearing about it through PodCacher. Love all of the features included in this app that aren't included in other apps. One thing I would like to see is the ability to download bookmark lists that have already been created through geocaching.com. I know I can make new lists to download, but it would be much easier to download a list that has already been created. Also as previously mentioned in another post (which it sounds like you are already working on) is a live map. I love this feature about the official geocaching app, and would love to see it on Cachly! Thank you for your contribution to the Caching community! Tristen
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