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  1. 8 minutes ago, Bolling said:

    You can't import GPX to the website. Since you are a Premium member four 13 years though I probably misunderstood your question. 

    Yes, explaining some of these things can be difficult, sorry.  I don't want to import it into the app I want to view it on GC in real time/live.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Bolling said:

    No, there is no 30 day restriction. Where did you hear that?

    In what I think you are calling filters is a cache published Start Date and an End Date.  The default is today.  When I try to set that greater than 30 days I get and error.

  3. If I need to start a new topic to add a new question tell me.

    I haven't figured out how to show a cache from the offline GPX on the GC website.  A likely way I'll use this app is to locate a cache in the offline list and got to it on GC to see all the logs (including the latest) and view log images if I'm having trouble finding it.

  4. 36 minutes ago, Bolling said:

    @Thot. On the Live Map have you checked the filters that are set? Perhaps you are filtering by Difficulty and Terrain as an example. I suggest you "reset" the filters and start there and then reapply filters as needed. 

    I am filtering by difficulty and terrain.  I'm limiting each to less than 3.5 for now.

    Is it true you can only get caches placed within the last 30 days?  That shouldn't be causing me to get no local caches but it seems like a severe restriction.

  5. 31 minutes ago, MrGigabyte said:

    As I previously indicated,:If you want to accumulate caches from each refresh, make sure More > Settings > Clear Map on Refresh is set to OFF.  This will give you 50, 100, 150, 200, 250... etc. 

    Based on your comment I had Clear Map on Refresh turned off when I made the screen capture above.  I don't get 50 caches (maybe for all of Texas) but if they are spread out over forty miles they aren't useful to me anyway.  I'm not sure this matter much to my intended way of using the app. I expect to add GPX files with the caches I intend to hunt, but since I just got the GPX feature working, I haven't figured out how bring up a cache on list from GC.com yet -- that is live data.

  6. 28 minutes ago, hidegoseek said:

    I think it does.  In the "more" menu is "Import from iTunes."  It's right below the "Import from Dropbox" option. 

    Thanks.  I didn't realize it was necessary to do an independent import action after the transfer.  From your post I was able to find the import action and now my GPX file seems to be working correctly. 

  7.  sA


    If you are migrating from Geosphere, it supported importing a GPX file via iTunes. To my knowledge, Cachly does not yet have such a mechanism but it should probably go on the wanted feature list  

    As you suspected I used iTunes.  Nothing indicates that doesn't work and it appears to work.  In my opinion if it doesn't work it shouldn't appear to work.  I've used two other caching apps and both allowed adding files this way.  If I use email (which adds to my cell data use) how does Cachly know to extract the file from the email?


    Also, the screen capture shows the Live view and would not reflect your GPX import. That would be chosen from a named list on the Offline tab.  The appearance of only 3 caches makes me suspect you are not a premium member. Geocaching.com restricts non-premium members to 3 caches per day via the Live mechanism. I recreated your map view and hit the refresh arrow and got 50 caches. See screen capture. 



    I understood it was the live view, I was trying to see how it works. As I said, when I go to the Offline screen it says "no lists were found."  A you can see I get no Houston caches in live view, but the thing is useless if you can only get 50 caches spread across all of Houston's 10000 anyway.  I am, and have been, a premium member for 13 years.


  8. 13 hours ago, MrGigabyte said:

    1)  Click the Offline icon at the bottom of screen. Your GPX file should appear listed. Select it and they wil appear on a map. (Note: you can use live or offline maps)

     I had tried that.  I get a blank screen saying "no lists were found?  But iTunes shows the GPX file transfered -- see screen capture.

    13 hours ago, MrGigabyte said:

    3) If yo are meaning int the Live environment, You need to hit the Refresh button in the upper right corner of the screen (semi circle with an arrowhead). This will load 50 caches .  Note: If you want to accumulate caches from each refresh, make sure More > Settings > Clear Map on Refresh is set to OFF.

    Houston has over 10,000 caches, yet as you can see the map screen capture shows none.