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  1. No I don’t. Editing the same complication as my example above (bottom-left on the Wayfinder face) the list of available complications does not include Cachly. They are listed alphabetically by App name, and the list goes from “Buy Me A Pie” then “Calendar”, no Cachly between them.
  2. Screenshots of what though? Here’s an example - from the Wayfinder watch face, the select the “Bottom Left” complication position, on the next screen Cachly is not listed. This is what I experience on every watch face, regardless of the complication position I choose, Cachly never appears in the list.
  3. Nope, no complication with Cachly in the name, and no Cachly category either. The app IS installed on the watch.
  4. So far I haven’t found it to be available on any faces on the Ultra. So I guess to answer your question directly, it appears to be unavailable on all faces.
  5. I have the new Apple Watch Ultra and I was hoping that the complication would be available on all the watch faces, but I haven’t been able to find it on any. I would also love to see some more shortcuts support, so I could use the new Action button to, for example, log a draft with one button.
  6. With the new "Auto Visit" feature in 7.0 (thank you, thank you, thank you, I've been wanting this feature for years!!) I would love to have a Shortcut that could adjust which TB's I'd like to auto-visit. For example, I have several "contexts" I can think of when caching, for example "Kayaking", "Hiking", "With the Dog", "Road Trip", etc., and various TB's I'd auto-visit with each (e.g. Kayak, Walking Stick, Dog, Campervan, etc.). So it would be great for Cachly to donate intentions that would adjust those settings. Well, most settings (I'm sure I'd find a use for them all!)
  7. I have Cachly installed on my shiny new Series 5, and it appears in the list of complications, but it's not available to choose on most (but not all) watch faces.
  8. That's awesome! Is there any hope it'll be in time for GeoWoodstock '18?
  9. I have a number of trackables items I carry with me, and would love to be able to set these up as part of a Template, so when I log a find I don’t have to also select each TB I want to dip. Obviously this wouldn’t apply to Drops. This would save a LOT of time on Big Logging Days.
  10. I've always wanted to be able to see the waypoints that belong to another (possibly distant) cache on the map, when I'm looking at the area the waypoint is in, not just when I'm looking at that cache. Here's an example. There's a cache in my area that has it's published coordinates "downtown", but it has published waypoints scattered all over the county, many miles apart. Last weekend I was caching in a park that had one of the waypoints, but of course I couldn't see it. I missed a TCO (Tree Climbing Opportunity). Ultimately, I'd like to be able to say to the map "show me all the geocaching stuff in this park, caches and waypoints". Of course, this should include published waypoints as well as "user waypoints" I've added (while working on a large multi, for example) I realize this would take a lot of churning through data to achieve, so I was thinking there could be a list I could designate as one that would include the "distant caches" I'd always want to see in this view. This feature would make my geocaching life complete.
  11. I've been thinking about this some more. I have the Series 0 watch (no GPS), so there's no way for the watch to know direction. I don't know if the Series 2 has a compass, or has to infer direction from movement (which isn't ideal during those times when you have to walk backwards, or perform a Monty Python Silly Walk or Modern Dance performance while searching, you know, to distract the muggles). Even if direction isn't available, I would still love to have an indication of range. I'm imagining a UI with a circle that shrinks in size the closer I get, along with text showing the distance in numbers. Probably green
  12. I agree with the the approach you've outlined. In general I think any feature like like this should: 1. Only go into effect as a last resort, and 2. Have a switch so an informed user can choose to turn it off, and suffer the consequences (fewer caches showing, etc.) with a warning that consequences are happening.
  13. I want to +1 this feature request. I live in a cold-weather area, and often have to wear gloves. I'm also required by my employer to have my iPhone locked, so I have to remove my glove often to use the TouchID sensor. When I'm close to GZ, I'm constantly having to glove-on / glove-off. Having the option to leave the phone in my pocket while searching, and just glance at my watch would be a huge advantage. It's the only reason I ever used the official app (and it's true, it didn't work terribly well) - I have no doubt that you could make actually useful.
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