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  1. I found myself scrolling and scrolling through my list of owned trackables and ones in my inventory in the app looking for a specific one. Currently, they don't seem to be in any particular order at all. Which makes it super hard to find the one I'm looking for. Is there anyway we can sort these alphabetically? Or by date of last log? Or have a few options for how we want to sort? I think it would also be helpful to be able to search by trackable name in additional to trackable code.
  2. I'm still seeing the issue that after I export the .txt file the find count for my pending logs is incorrect.
  3. I was looking at log options for my own cache. The following should be removed: Post Reviewer Note and Mark Missing, because these logs can't actually be posted. The Enable Listing log should only be available if the cache is already Disabled. And the Temporarily Disable Listing should only come up if the cache is Enabled. And what is the difference between "Archive" and "Permanently Archived" ?
  4. I am. And I deleted the coordinates on those logs.
  5. I went back and looked at some of my logs that I submitted a few days ago using Cachly and they all have coordinates attached to them. I don't know how this happened because I never selected to have coordinates attached. Is this even an option in Cachly to attach coordinates to a log?
  6. Had this issue been fixed? If it's been pushed to any of the latest beta versions, it hasn't worked. When I export logs as a .txt the keywords get changed still. This would be fine with me but the find count number isn't implementing correctly. I had two pending logs saved and after I exported the .txt file the pending logs still saved in Cachly were numbers in the wrong order.
  7. Yes I have iOS 10.3. Next time I see this I'll check the apple maps as well
  8. I was out caching yesterday and was navigating to a cache with Cachly and the header indicator was pointing in the opposit direction than I was walking.
  9. Arw trackable logs supposed to show up in the Logs tab in Cachly? I don't think I've ever seen one there
  10. I had 4 pending logs saved on Cachly all of them using the find count and cache owner name keywords. When I export my logs to a .txt file, the keywords changed to regular text. The cache owner names were correct for each cache but the find count keywords all showed the same number.
  11. The first part of my template I use to start off my log. Then a portion of it is for the end of my log. I don't need it to insert a line for my because I want to start my log after I put what number find it was.
  12. When logging a cache when I have a template set up a blank line appears at the start of my log. My template begins on the 2nd line. This does not show up when I go to edit the template
  13. I've found myself looking for a specific trackable in my list of owned trackables in the app and just scrolling down and looking for it. How are they currently sorted in this list? It would be great to have options for how the list is sorted. I personally would like a sort alphabetically option.
  14. I personally would love to be able to have multiple logged in accounts. I often log caches for my boyfriend and myself. This would be a great feature to have. And I know a lot of others would love this as well
  15. I would like these features as well. I have a trackable that I visit at every cache I find and would like an option to have this done automatically when I log a find on a cache. Also agree with having an add waypoint button from the "Navigate to cache" map
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