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  1. Not there yet. Eagerly awaiting it but other features took priority. So many features, so little time.
  2. rragan


    I deleted another 4 spam pages. I fear Nic should revert to requesting permission to edit. I think we have most of the volunteers on board now and the spammers could just as easily delete all our work.
  3. rragan


    Use HTML comments <!-- -->
  4. This is not strictly filtering but I'm looking for a clever way to clean up part of an aggregated offline list. The list was formed by copying several lists to a single one. I copied Year 2001 hides, webcams, and Cache Across America all focused on West Virginia. Then looking at the map it became clear that the large cluster of caches at the East side of the state were not in range for this driving trip. That left 3 on the west side of the state. What I would love to be able to do is just put those in the Map Bounds and "Delete Visible Caches". Alas, there is no such function. My solution was to manually add those three to another list, then filter on West Virginia and Delete Filtered Caches and finally copy those three back to the aggregated list. Any other clever way to do this? Maybe highlight those three, filter on West Virginia plus not highlighted and then delete filtered caches. That might have been one step shorter. This is a subtle way to ask for some actions on the current visible caches in offline. Handy ones would be: Delete Visible, highlight visible, remove highlight of visible.
  5. Also added this to area around log in as it is a perpetual source of confusion. "Note: To be clear, you never have an account with Cachly. Instead, you have an account with geocaching.com and you permit Cachly to sign in for you and act on your behalf with them. What you can and cannot do in Cachly is determined by your geocaching.com account (Basic vs. Premium membership)."
  6. Is this worth mentioning since the Wiki is likely to stay in English until/if you find translators.
  7. Is this worth mentioning since the Wiki is likely to stay in English until/if you find translators.
  8. I think users understand either and don't think much about it. I'd say leave what we have alone.
  9. Is Cachly in all the App Stores globally?
  10. Which do we want as far as standardizing nomenclature. Geocaching.com calls it "Sign in with Geocaching" on the screen you get when you click "Login to Geocaching" on the Cachly splash screen. However, if you go to Geocaching.com website, you get "Log In" but once in, the drop down says "Sign Out". I think we are doomed to inconsistency. The best I can see is to make Cachly consistent with the Splash Screen and the Sign In screen that follows.
  11. Something I never understood clearly and I'm sure Nic can explain: If I register with Facebook and Login via Facebook, how does my username and account get created on geocaching.com. I didn't register that way but I'm guessing geocaching.com gets my email from Facebook and I still have to create a geocaching.com identity. Then login via Facebook would convey my email allowing geocaching.com to find me and log me in. Is that how it works?
  12. rragan

    Wiki reorganized

    I think that can safely go
  13. rragan

    Wiki reorganized

    The Wiki reorganization is done. Feel free to dive in and add more material or fix what needs fixing. This link will show all existing pages in the wiki. Some are likely orphans and no longer needed. http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Special:AllPages
  14. I'll add a note about this. Could also go in the FAQs.
  15. Separate page added on Basic Membership and linked to. Fixed login screen layout. Thanks
  16. I have written the whole of this section this evening. Look over it and provide feedback (or edit typos, bad grammar, etc.). I tried to cover the experience as it would be seen leading a newbie through the process. http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Getting_Started_with_Cachly Editorial note: I didn't realize how painful geocaching.com's limit of 3 caches a day could be until I randomly picked one, loaded the full details and discovered it had 5 DNF's in a row. One cache load wasted on one I'm not likely to find. Sigh!
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    I don't think the order matters. I could do that. Timesharing with trying to resurrect the wife's dead Mac this morning.
  18. rragan


    OK. I will likely write the Getting Started with Cachly first and then do the reordering to the new TOC format. No need to stop editing or creating material in the meantime.
  19. rragan


    Instances of Page and Left Arrow changed
  20. rragan


    I put together a simple "Table of Contents" for a modified possible structure for the document. It reflects the top few heading levels. Most of the pages currently stay the same but some material is moved around. Is this better, worse, .... Suggestions and feedback. http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Structure
  21. rragan


    I see a landing page with a one liner for each How To linking to either a separate page each or a section in a single page. The landing page would be linked off the main page.
  22. rragan

    Edit Logs

    That's the approach I used on Saturday for a 30 cache day.
  23. rragan


    I was hoping the first not yet written section would handle the new user and getting them to find the first cache. That becomes a tutorial section. For example, nothing about Offline lists is germane to a brand new user. All settings would be defaulted so likely can skip over that. Logs can't be ignored but can be handled as part of the tutorial material. That frees the rest of the document to be more of a reference and tips document.
  24. rragan

    Switch user

    If I create a new user to see the experience and document it, what happens to my current DB during and after I switch back to my premium account.
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