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  1. It looks like all log images can be seen from the main page but when browsing logs there is no link to images added with that log. Sometimes the text and the log go together so not having them visible together and associated can be a problem. Show images with a log entry or show links that display images associated with a log entry.
  2. So Geocaching.com provides special treatment for non-premium members using their app.
  3. It's odd that I get different behavior in the woods vs the city. There is a lot more to keep the phone busy in the city -- lots if wifi networks to check, gain/lose cell towers down in the urban canyons. I should try each with airplane mode sometime. Try the Battery Life - check runtimes app. It shows you the capacity of your battery and how much you can use of that even when 100% is shown. My old 6s reports only 70% of original capacity can be used. Also ambient temperature affects batteries. Your battery will die faster on a cold day than a warm one.
  4. Hmm, I just signed into a non-premium account and the + is not there. Searching the docs does not suggest that adding waypoints is restricted to premium members. The Geocaching app allowed me to add a Waypoint as a non-premium member. However, it is accorded special privileges not given to 3rd party apps that have to use the API. For now, you can project a Waypoint with another iOS app like GCTools Hey, Nic. Is this a bug or an API limitation?
  5. If you have the cache in Cachly you can do a projection. On the cache view is an action called Waypoints. Tap that. Then tap + in upper right to add a Waypoint. Name it. Scroll down and tap Current Location. Then tap Project Coordinate. Enter the Direction, Distance and Units of your projection. Then tap Done. The projected coordinates are in Red. Tap Save. Now you have a new Waypoint you can navigate to.
  6. There is a browser plugin so you can see them there too. Probably masking browser info or no referrer.
  7. New data point. Caching in downtown San Francisco. Running only Cachly 70% of my battery was used in 2.5 hours. I quit voice dictating my logs and that seemed to help. Glad I brought external battery. FWIW this a >2 years old 6s with a lot of battery charge cycles.
  8. Not being a GSAK user, I don't operate that way. I know I could run a VM on my Mac but I've managed for a long time just keeping pretty much all the info in GS.
  9. I have to accurately press exactly where the current location is don't I? In the past that has not been precise enough to get exact current location.
  10. I find myself often looking back at a log entry (note or found) that I made. On challenges, the note may have been years earlier. When I meet the challenge, I want to specify the date I signed it. Also handy to refresh my memory when asked about a cache. GS retains my logs in the DB and shows them as Field Note even when I logged them immediately. The alternative is to scroll back through possibly hundreds of other logs to find mine. I realize this only helps those who log from a single device since the DB is local to the device and won't get you stuff you log directly on the web site or by other tools. Still, it has been very useful to me. If there is already a way to do this in Cachly, great.
  11. When I'm navigating through the bush, I really want to capture waymarks so I can find my way back. I want it quick and easy. How about a long press on the coordinates at the bottom of the Compass screen? This would prompt for a name and offer action to save it as a new Location or as a User Waypoint.
  12. The solid black seems a bit funereal for a happy Will Attend note. Got any happier colors?
  13. If you view the description in Geocaching.com from Cachly, you can see their checker and use it but you have to know to do that.
  14. Another view is that they have put the API on the shelf and are putting their development dollars on their app and the web site. They haven't issued any new API keys in years so don't seem to want new apps to be built. They do sometimes fix bugs in the API but that's about all.
  15. Geocaching.com seems to be bent on their app being first among equals by letting it do things not allowed by the API so third-party apps have fewer features. Seems odd as they don't make any money from the new app and just frustrate those who have outgrown it or just prefer something different.
  16. Ah, I maybe failed to understand. Are you navigating and finding with a GPSr and Cachly is just a DB of info to consult as needed? I'm confused on your usage pattern.
  17. Link on battery conservation. http://solutionowl.com/ultimate-guide-iphone-battery-drain/ Also looking for Wifi networks can use power. I have noticed that my habit of voice dictating logs in the field uses more power than I like so I've turned to a brief typed note and write the full log later. That has helped. And I tote an external battery for when it all runs down.
  18. So when would you turn off the GPS if you could? Maybe our usage is different. I'm in a high density LTE coverage often even when out in the woods. I've noticed in other areas where cell service is marginal that the phone sucks a lot more battery in 1 bar 3G and 1X land. Turning off celllular, when I happen to notice helps some. The recent good experiences with Cachly were all along a linear trail with caches along the trail. When I found one, I would put the phone away until I got near the next one and then wake it up. I did not look at the screen much while walking to the next cache. As I understand it, this is equivalent to turning the GPS off. I was operating on offline list with offline maps, no sat views. I could probably have pulled up sat views but they wouldn't help as it was wooded. i can't rule out that I religiously plug the phone back in when I'm in the car - car voice nav sucks power.
  19. I turned on Strava the other day and it chewed through 30% of my battery in 5 minutes. Yikes!
  20. Try the Battery section under Settings App. It gives you %used by each app in last 24 hours. If you tap the clock icon, you can see how much time was on screen time versus background time. It's worth checking this because I have found apps chewing my battery that I didn't even know we're running in background.
  21. It's only one click more to tap the logger's name taking you to the friend page where you could then tap the phone icon.
  22. I've never seen a phone number in a log
  23. I presume letting the phone sleep or switching it off also suspends GPS use. I notice my current position scooting along to catch up when I turn it on. I see current location on the Compass screen so I guess it needs the GPS for that.
  24. There is a filter for Has Trackables. Just use that.
  25. When searching in list view, I have to scroll to the bottom to load more caches. As the number of list entries grows, this scrolling gets tedious. Could we get a Load More action at the right edge of the line at the top with the cache count. Handy when a sort is active and interesting thing rise to the top after loading more.
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