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  1. Hi Nic,

    from my understanding some users have two nicknames / accounts. Perhaps they go Geocaching in a group or want to log the same Caches. Not everybody is using an iPhone and they want to log all together. Then it makes sense to have multiple users in Cachly at the same time. That means that all accounts are logged in Cachly. Then you can choose what you are doing with the accounts.  There is another Geocaching app in the App Store that already is doing that. That makes sense. 

    When you have to log out and log in with another account the user dates should not be accessible from the other user. So it is fine as it is at the moment.


  2. The Settings for the live map you can find here. Klick on the Little gearbeitet-wheel. 

    For the offline list it is not possible at the Moment. It will be implemented in the future. But you can choose in PQ on GC.com to create PQ without your founds. 


  3. 7 minutes ago, Nic Hubbard said:

    Waypoints are synced/saved to the geocaching.com API. So they will always be available no matter what device you are using or if you delete and reinstall Cachly. :)

    Wow! This is a great feature. This did not work with my previous geocaching App;-) I already checked this feature with the official geocaching App and it shows the waypoints from Cachly. Great! However I can't find the waypoints on the geocaching website. Do you know where to find this?

  4. 1 hour ago, Nic Hubbard said:

    This is currently possible. Just long press on the map and it will drop a pin. Then tap the pin callout and choose "Create as Waypoint". You can also drag the pin to move it, or fine tune the coords in the create dialog.

    Oh! I didn't know that. This is what I was looking for ;-) This helps a lot.

    1 hour ago, Nic Hubbard said:

    Others have suggested this as well. So an automatic "dip" list?

    Yes, a "Dip" list, where it will be possible to choose the trackables...


    Another thing I realized was, that if you Click on a waypoint the map shows just this single waypoint and don't show other waypoints in the list. 


    How does Cachly manage the waypoints? Are the waypoints just saved in the App? Are the waypoints saved in the cloud? What happen with the waypoints I reinstall the App?

    Thanks, Daniel

  5. I am using Cachly some weeks and I have some feature request. At the moment I am not using cachly for multi caches. Why? 

    Starting the navigation in cachly, the app shows just the actual cache on the map. It would be very helpful if Cachly would show the other caches around, too. When doing a multi-cache sometimes there are some other caches (traditionals or solves mysteries) on the way you can log in the meantime. So you don`t miss a cache and don't have to come back. 

    It would be very helpful to have an additional waypoint button on the map, because at the moment you always have to switch back in the cache view and to waypoints and after you created the waypoint you have to navigate back to the map. That is too complicated and is frustrating. 

    For multi-caches it is helpul to have an projection feature. In many cases you have to go for xxx meters in xxx degrees. 

    There should be an option of "automatic log" of trackables in the preferences menu. I want to log all my trackables as "visit" in each cache. At the moment I have to do this manually.