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    Photos viewing in offline mode

    I’m planning on caching using offline maps and an offline list. Will I be able to view any photos that are on the cache page? I’ve been trying to see what happens by putting my phone in airplane mode and I can navigate and see logs but cannot view the photos. Is this possible? Apologies if this has been asked before.
  2. Twinklekitkat

    View images link

    I will cite an example because this bothers me too. Look at GC3DYYT. There is a log on there dated 8/12/2017. It is very long and the link to the images is placed over top the previous finder's user name. So, sometimes, I can get the picture but most times I go to the previous finder's profile and then have to view the pictures another way. Thankfully this app is programmed so that if you choose just to view the photos it presents the most recent on top and provides the date. (of course only after any that may have been uploaded with the original publication of the cache). I've also noticed this behavior when using the "Logs" button across the bottom of the app. I tend to reread my logs (re-living the adventure. ) looking for spelling errors, etc. If there is a long log I've written I can't view all of it. For example my log on GC5X30V. It stops displaying with the phrase 'I'll certainly be' and then just abruptly ends. Hope this helps.
  3. I opened an event cache page for today and it says the last log was yesterday instead of today. All the attended logs are dated today so why does it say yesterday? I'm referring the the field 'Logs' that displays green dots for found and red for DNF. When I go to post a log the time is correct. It is currently 9:20 pm in the Eastern time zone if that matters.
  4. Twinklekitkat

    Blue Frown still on map

    Earlier today I tried to find a cache and posted a DNF log and saved it as field note. I then went to Geocaching.com and deleted the field note instead of turning it into an actual DNF log. I had initially wanted to post this DNF log ASAP but forgot I always have my logs set to "Save as field note" so I can write them later. Now that I've deleted the field note on the PC, I'm still showing a blue frowny face for this cache even though there is no official log for it. Any ideas, other than finding it and logging a smiley, to get that blue frown to go away? Thanks for your thoughts all and I love this app. Best one I've ever used.
  5. Twinklekitkat

    Blue Frown still on map

    You sir, are amazing! Thank you not only for your super fast response but for knowing just what to do. Problem solved! P.S. Did I mention this already? I love Cachly!
  6. Twinklekitkat

    2.0 is just amazing!

    Loving this update. Thank you for adding Souvenirs, easier view of Trackables and Favorites and I especially love that all the Waypoints are now available! Yay! This is the BEST geocaching app out there.
  7. Twinklekitkat

    Copy a log entry

    Just adding my 2 cents. I also do not have the ... but I did see a user this evening using a 6S Plus that did have it. I have iPhone 6 iOS 10.0.2. I have never had this feature. I even just deleted the app and reinstalled to see if that would catch it but still don't have it