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  1. I found 7 caches on one day. They appeared in chronological order in the Logs Tab. 

    When I edited the top one it dropped down and appeared as the first for that day. 

    I assume this is something happening on geocaching.com. Maybe the time of the log changes when you edit it. 

    I edited a few more but the movement of the log (the order) is not consistent. 

  2. I am monitoring the FB page and this site to see if there are questions that cannot be answered with a link to the wiki. If not it could indicate an edit is appropriate. 

    Also I am thinking of adding new functions that are in the beta as remarks. This means when the next version is released a quick edit will mean the wiki is up to date. 

  3. We went caching this morning and saved our logs. We waited until after 12:00 UTC and then started submitting them. We have received no points for those caches but did receive points for te TBs dropped.

    I wonder if the Cachly date and time (before 12:00) would be recognized by geocaching.com and they would record as submitted before 12:00 UTC. From what I see Cachly is the only app that handles the date properly

    I suppose I wait and see till they have sorted out their little embarrassment.

  4. I have spent a few hours creating all the missing pages and adding where appropriate.

    I feel that we have reached that stage where the comment on the main page "This is very much a work in progress..." can be deleted so I have done so.

    @rragan We just need to sort out the queries at the bottom of http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Offline_Usage and then I think we are at the stage of starting to neaten it up and add to the FAQs.

    I have added the version number to the main page. When the next version is released we will have to make sure that we capture all the changes without missing any and also  change the version number on that page.

  5. Is there a way to enter text that will not display on the wiki.

    I am editing an area where there is new functionality in the beta version and would like to add that text as a remark so when the next version is issued it will be simple to remove the remark indicator.

  6. I won't edit your masterpiece but here are some minor comments

    • A mention of basic membership limiting you to D1.5T1.5 and lower??
    • I would consider taking the limitations of basic membership to another page where it can be done in more detail.
    • Should the two login screens not be next to each other?


  7. 2 minutes ago, rragan said:

    OK. I will likely write the Getting Started with Cachly first and then do the reordering to the new TOC format. No need to stop editing or creating material in the meantime. 

    I think we can start populating the Structure Page with links we already have. That way you can copy it across to the main page in due course

  8. My suggestion above will achieve the same result as a draft. All that is different is that you will have to go to geocaching.com to do your final edits and submission.

    I never use the drafts facility so I do not know how it handles trackables logs and images that will go with your draft cache log to geocahing.com

    My preference is to do as much as I can in Cachly

  9. From a practical point if view it might be better to save you logs while out caching and when you get home go to the list in Pending Logs and look at each log again before submitting. 

    I find that useful as I find I want to edit the message on a few caches, add some pictures and let my TBS visit a cache or two once I get home and have more time to consider the logs