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  1. In c:geo there are also lab caches available.
  2. This would be great if possible, to add will attend here
  3. It would be great to this option. I usually tap the selected and navigate to it. A map in Car Play is a dream!!
  4. Ok, thanks Nic. Looking forward to seeing Labcaches in Cachly!
  5. Will labcaches be available only to Premium members, or available to everyone in Cachly?
  6. Hi! It works perfect again with the update you said
  7. I installed iOS 11 beta couple of weeks ago and cahly worked as perfect as always, but with last update 3.01 it has stopped working on my iphone. Is there anything I can do to solve it? Thanks!
  8. Great job Nic! I absolutely love it!!!
  9. It happened to me the same problem this weekend. I tried to import a GPX with +/- 1500 caches of 70 Mbyte, and the app closed when it started importing. Looking forward for v. 2.0!!
  10. Ok. May have been that reason. Thanks for the explanation, I will be aware of this next time!!
  11. I have download some Offline list caches for this weekend, and now I can search for any caches and it says "Error Cache Download Limit Has Been Exceeded". And I'm a premium member What can I do?
  12. Is there a possibility that all pending logs, when fullfilled correctly, to be sent all of them all at once? When you have a lot of them, you'd appreciate it very much
  13. I've just opened a new topic about the same problem, and now I see I'm not alone. Pending logs is perfect when you don't log a TB with it, otherwise you must to be alert in order not to double log it. I see it will be fixed next 2.0 update. Thanks! Love cachly
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