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  1. FWIW, I deleted and reinstalled Cachly, redownloaded My Finds, and same crash occurs. Have e-mailed that log too.
  2. Should it start with Cachly? The only ones I can see are Cachly.cpu_resource… I've just e-mailed the latest of those. The timestamp looks around the start of the update rather than when Cachly crashed though. BTW it's actually significantly slower now: I wasn't timing but it's gone from 5-10 mins to 30-40 (before it crashes).
  3. Any thoughts @Nic Hubbard? This is a regular part of my workflow to add my cache notes to My Finds.
  4. It didn't happen on another smaller list. I deleted the list and redownloaded — a My Finds PQ. Same thing when updating all caches. Updating just 1 or a small number of visible was successful.
  5. Since upgrading to Cachly 4, it crashes when updating one of my offline lists: around 2000 caches, doing a full update of all caches. Cachly takes about the right amount of time, then crashes. Could only find Cachly.cpu_resource logs in Analytics, not a crash… hmm, unless iOS quit Cachly because of the CPU usage? iPhone SE, iOS 11.2.5
  6. FWIW I'm experiencing the same slower time downloading PQs. I update my iPad — still on previous version, and iPhone — on latest version, at the same time, so it's not a network issue. The 2 devices used to take about the same time, the iPhone is now significantly slower (twice as long?)
  7. I spend 15 minutes a week keeping my 'Unfound' offline list updated from pocket queries: I have around 3,000 caches which covers an area ready for any spontaneous day trip — I can use it to both move around the map and caches are stored locally in case cellular service is unavailable.
  8. Cachly’s Corrected Coordinate is the same as the one on geocaching.com when you click the pencil icon next to the coords, so everything plays nicely together.
  9. I think you need: if starts with ^ remove it if ends with $ remove it add .* to start add .* to end I can't think of a situation where that'll throw the RE out, but as @rragan says, it's a complicated beast (Was responding to Nic's earlier post which has been deleted)
  10. Yeah, Google (actually DuckDuckGo) confirms that NSPredicate has to match the entire string. I do think this will trip people up, as no ^ $ is present. I like @rragan‘s idea of stripping ^ $ if present and enclosing the string in .* but maybe that’s too complicated, and an explanation on the screen saying the expression is automatically enclosed in ^ $ would suffice.
  11. @ACME WildCachers The special My Finds PQ always includes your own log(s)… and no others. AFAIK Cachly merges/combines the log entries when refreshing.
  12. @rragan I run the special My Finds PQ and import that into an offline list — contains every cache I’ve found with log. Then I update all caches with full cache data to have my notes available offline too.
  13. Thanks Nic, will submit the feedback to Apple.
  14. I do a lot of walking and use the map scale heavily. I miss having it constantly onscreen in the latest version of Cachly; and find it clunky to have to pause a zoom to see it for any period of time.
  15. Cachly has a handy feature, that when you select a cache pin on the map, and view the details (e.g. log), then tap the back arrow, you’re returned to the map screen with the cache still selected — it still has the summary details ‘balloon’. But if one of your actions when viewing the cache is to edit the personal cache note, when you return to the map no cache is selected — so you can’t tell what cache you were looking at. (Offline list, offline map)
  16. A minor bug, possibly only for us folk so far ahead of UTC (currently +13): today’s the 27th a find log submitted through Cachly, with the default date of 27th view the cache summary page from the Live screen, and the logs will say ‘Tomorrow’ go into the logs, and the last find shows today’s date (27th)
  17. I usually work with offline maps, which means I can only see a single country. If I go into the Trackables screen and select View Travels, most of the map is blank, and you have to switch back to Live/Offline screen to change it. Would be handy if View Travels map had the same map selection icon in the bottom right as the Live/Offline screens.
  18. Not using Cachly to navigate seems a pretty niche use of it. You could turn off Cachly’s GPS access in iOS’s privacy settings.
  19. I have 7 lists, but that jumps to around 15 when I'm doing PQ imports… which I then merge. It's behaving for me now too. I wonder if it was triggered by importing PQs and a My Finds, and restarting Cachly has fixed it?
  20. Hi, when copying or merging an offline list, the list of possible offline list destinations to copy/merge the selected list into, is in a different sort order from the main Offline lists screen. Would be easier to follow if they were the same Cachly 3.1
  21. It's in the current 3.1, it's very annoying.
  22. iOS does have a built in magnifying glass for the screen, which works in every app including Cachly. https://www.wikihow.com/Magnify-Your-iOS-Device-with-Accessibility-Zooming
  23. The other issue I've struck recently is Cachly's version of the note can get of sync with the website… presumably because it's saved in Cachly's database. If I don't realise there's 2 different versions, then any edits to Cachly's version can overwrite changes on the website.
  24. Does Groundspeak really reset the counters at random points in time? I would have expected the reset to be midnight Pacific Time… which would make it easy to know when you can download more.
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