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  1. I suspect the answer to this is 'not possible' :unsure:

    On the Caches screen, when you hit the load arrow, Cachly displays caches whose coords are within the current view.  But if a mystery has solved coords within the view, but the given location is outside the view, you won't see it.

    So if my destination is a particular area I won't necessarily see all the caches in that area.

    (Yes, could muck around with zooming or lists.)

  2. Thanks and looking forward to V2!

    2. Satellite:  yeah, seemed unlikely given licensing.  But on the Caches tab, tap the map icon, and on the Map Types screen under 'Offline Maps' is Standard and Satellite?

    5. do you use the OS even for OSM?  I'm used to running MotionX-GPS which does it internally (and has settings for caching and downloading).

  3. Having trouble getting my head around offline maps, plus I suspect there's a bug where some tiles aren't displayed at some zoom levels… but questions for now:

    1. which provider is used for offline maps?  OSM?
    2. how does Cachly decide to download the Standard or Satellite maps?
    3. what zoom levels are downloaded?
    4. is there a way to view/delete the batches of map downloads?
    5. in normal operation, how much caching does Cachly do of tiles when online?  i.e. what's the chance of it remembering tiles I've looked at if I lose reception, or saving cellular data.

    Thanks for your time.

  4. More a statement than question B)  I've been so frustrated with the official app… it's incredibly buggy & crashy, feature deficient, has an atrocious interface, snail's pace development, and Groundspeak are ignoring feedback.  But I've been persisting because it's the offical app…

    I've been trying Cachly the last few days… very impressed.  App has lovely interface & is refreshingly easy to use, is 'deep', and every forum post has been diligently responded to.

    The (GS enforced) limitation of 50 caches is my biggest concern, but looking forward to version 2 of the app which makes this less onerous; and still getting my head around offline support.

  5. Hi, getting aquainted with Cachly.  Overall a nice app B)

    When viewing a log entry, it seems the entire left border is a tap area which takes you to the user who wrote the entry, and I often find myself being unexpectedly taken to the user's page.  I think it would be better, and make more sense, if only the user avatar drilled down to the user.

  6. Umm… that sounds like a pain and an offline list would become outdated?  What's the usual/recommended approach to moving around the map and seeing caches?

    (Pretty bummed about this… the official app is bug ridden, feature deficient, and has the nastiest interface I've seen in a long time; and GS is restricting what 3rd parties can do.)

  7. Thanks for the quick reply.  Yep, I see by moving around I get an ellipsis in the refresh arrow.  Can I just load all caches?  Once the caches are loaded will the app remember them forever?

    Ah, the app's showing me PQs ready for download.  I've found my other Geocaching.com lists under Bookmarks :]