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  1. Okay... right... well... erh... never mind! It's just a translating error of myself :blink: I did the translations for Cachly into Dutch (up to version 6.1), and for some reason I translated "m" into "mi" in the latest version. It should just be "m", for meters.

    If you could send me, maybe for real the last time this time, the latest file I can correct this "error" :D

  2. Just got my Apple Watch, and of course one of the first apps to try is Cachly. Seems to work fine, but... when I select a cache on my iPhone and then select it on the watch, it show the distance in kilometers. When I search for nearby caches on the watch, it always uses miles. I can't find any option to change that, or am I overlooking something?

    Oh... wait! I wanted to add some screenshots, and I noticed something different. It seems that only the distance of the first nearby cache is in miles, the rest is in kilometers. See the attached screenshots.



  3. First of all: a very happy new year to all Cachly users, and especially to Nic!

    Then: since today we noticed an error while using Cachly. It doesn't load any caches anymore, and when refreshing on the live screen, the error "The account you requested does not exist." pops up. It happens on both the Testflight version (on my iPhone X), as on the regular build from the appstore (on my wifes iPhone and the iPad). We did log out, reset the app and log in again, but the same error keeps popping up. Our account is still active, so I'm afraid it might be something API related.

    Anyone else experiencing the same error? Or someone with a solution?



  4. A little extra information, as reaction to Bolling's post: it happens both with wifi and cellular data (3G/4G), and it doesn't matter it metric, automatically search for cache on startup, prevent map rotation, clear map after refreshing and adjust map to caches are switched on or off. I tried them all :(

    It also happens in both versions 2 and 3. I'm using the beta, my wife is using 2.0.3 and experiencing the same behaviour.

    To me, it looks as it Cachly goes to the current location on startup, does some stuff in the background (the spinning wheel), and then goes to the current location again. As if that same routine is called twice somewhere during startup. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Nic Hubbard said:

    Strange. And this always happens?

    It's very easy to reproduce, and it happens every time. Just to be sure you understand me, I did a little video and placed it (hidden) on YouTube.

    This is what happens in the video: after opening Cachly, it shows my location (Delft, Netherlands). I quickly swipe a few times, to whatever location. After a while, Cachly returns to my current location. After closing and reopening Cachly it still shows my home location, and (not shown in this video) I can swipe to any location without magically going back to my home location again.

    I close Cachly completely by clicking twice on the home button and then swiping Cachly up. I quickly swipe to another location, in the middle of the sea (not on purpose) and after a while, Cachly returns to my home location again. Notice the spinning icon on top, it returns to my home location after it stops spinning.




  6. I was playing around with PQ's and selected the My Finds Pocket Query on gc.com. It was created and I expected that it could be downloaded from within Cachly. But no PQ's showed up in the list. I created another PQ on gc.com and after it was created I could download that one from within Cachly.

    Is there a special reason that this My Finds Pocket Query cannot be downloaded, or is it a small bug? I couldn't find any other posts about this issue.



  7. Still, it seems as if cachly focuses twice on the current location. When I start the app, it zooms in to my current location. If I go to another location, while the "I'm doing something on the background" wheel is still turning, it zooms back to my current location. So, before I can go to another location, I have to wait until the wheel stops spinning. Not the behaviour I expected...


  8. I do read some posts on the forum about the (upcoming) version 2. Is there any more information about this version? Will it be a free update? Is there a roadmap with new functions? Is it possible to beta test it? 

    Maybe I can be of assistance I translating the app into Dutch?